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DA NomanCarver is a canadian artist.

My name is Noman Carver. (This is not my real name however...) and I'm just a hobbyist who enjoys playing Garry's Mod and taking screenshots of what I make on it.

I'm a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so expect to see ponies here often. If you don't like it... well tough, I'm not forcing you to be here, let alone anyone else.
I also have interests in various other things. From World War 2, ponies (duh...), video games, horror, crude humor, senseless violence (I'm that weird...), Derpy Hooves (I know she goes into the ponies section, but she's my favourite. Don't judge me!) and a bunch of other stuff, so you might see something random here on occasions.
I'm also starting to try hexing and reskinning my own models on gmod, so you might see custom ragdolls you won't see anywhere else. (I don't do requests. There are other people on DA or other places who can do a better job than me, I'm a complete novice compared to them.)

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