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  • Ask #21.1
    Ron/531: Now that we all have introduced ourselves, Pinkie we still need to clean, it’s a mess back their.

    Pinkie/241: Oh that, leave that to me, you can go and get some more supplies.

    Ron/531: *gets closer and starts to whisper* We need to stay together, that means I can’t go anywhere without you.

    Pinkie/241: *also whispers* It will only take a sec, now go.

    Ron/531: Fine what do you need.

    Pinkie/241: 80 pounds of flower and 60 pounds of sugar, here are the bits, the carts is out back.

    Ron/531: Ok then see you in a bit.
  • Ask #21.2
    Ron/531: I hope nothing bad happened while I’m out.
  • Ask #21.3
    Ron/531: Here is the cart time to put it on and get this over with.
  • Ask #21.4
    Ron/531: *sigh* Grate and here I thought the curse was gone, well might as well answer this one, no pony is around so it should be fine.

    Ron/531: No, the Princesses don’t know anything about the Creed, they don’t even know it even exists and that’s do to me, I don’t know if y’all remember from yesterday, but I’m an alicorn as well, to be more precise I’m the Luna’s and Celestina’s older brother they don’t even know I even exist, I know I don’t look like much, but our parents had to keep me a secret because if they didn’t, I would have been killed as a baby, now the creed is only a secret because of me, if the princesses find out about the creed and me, then more creatures will target them and eventually they might get killed and I can’t let that happen. The creed started out as a secret and we are keeping its as such.
  • Ask #22.1
    Ron/531: Like most other Ponies of course, if they have families and want to go to then we let them, if they have nothing to do, they will stay and guard the creed, we may be killers, but some of the Assassins that work with us have families that we try and protect.
  • Ask #22.2
    Ron/531: Yes, to both of them—
  • Ask #22.3
    Ron/531: When I fail a mission, I can hear the cries of the fillies who lost their parents, the despite cries of mother and mares trying their best to cope with what is happening around them and the cries of fathers and stallions as they get brutally killed in front of their loved ones, I can see entire villages being burned down in the dead of night, I may be an Alicorn, but I am not power like my sisters and their students, I make mistakes and every time I do... It’s always me who pays the price of knowing I have failed those who I tried so desperately to protect.
  • Ask #23.1
    Ron/531: Tireck was a powerful enemy, their was not much we could do, he managed to take out a little over 2/3 of the creed, I wanted to fight, but if he discovered their was indeed another Alicorn things will certainly get way to out of control. For the other two questions, no I can’t make my horn into a drill, that sounds like it hurts and as for the amulet, well nothing will happen, I’m already an Alicorn so it will do nothing to me.
  • Ask #23.2
    Ron/531: What the fuck, well I will need to write this down.
  • Ask #23.3
    Ron/531: Their, one day I will find him and end whatever the fuck that was. Now onto the market.
  • Ask #24
    Ron/531: I honestly don’t know, I mean I am talking to all of you out their, tho Master did day something about Time Lord Magic, whatever that is the spell that has was casted on me in order to talk you all is a small fragment of that Time Lord Magic, it will apparently take a little over 4 - 5 days for the full spell to be casted on to somepony.
    The next question, I have no idea what you are talking about, what do you mean by 666? I need a bit more information of that please.
    Anyways on to the last one, What socks are you talking about, if you are talking about my spiked horseshoes I have them on me, but since I’m in disguise they are invisible just like all my other gear, this is do to a medallion that I have, anytime I tap it my gear will either disappear or reappear.
  • Ask #25.1
    Ron/531: Hello sir, I will like you to fill this cart with 80 pounds of flower and 60 pounds of sugar.

    Sales Pony: Sure thing, but may I ask why so much.

    Ron/531: It’s for Pinkie Pie, she is busy with her friends so she asked me to come and get supplies she needs.

    Sales Pony: Ahh Pinkie, well she is my best customers so I will go ahead and give her 10 ponds extra for free.

    Ron/531: Well thank you very much I’m sure she will be happy for you act of generosity.

    Sales Pony: Well ok then, let me just take the cart to the back and fill it up with what she needs, you just wait right here, be back in a minute.

    Ron/531: Thank you
  • Ask #25.2
    Ron/531: what the, not now if that pony sees me talking to myself he will think in cray or something, *sigh* well better make this one quick.

    Ron/531: So that’s what you meant by 666, well the answer to that is yes, their is one assassin with that number, he is a Rank 3 and is not the smartest, I’m surprised how he even managed to get into that rank with just how stupid he is, but nevertheless he somehow made their.
  • Ask #26.1
    Ron/531: Hey, back their I’m going to go get something to drink be back in a bit to pick up the order.

    Sales Ponie: Ok, be back in 15 minutes and it should the order should be ready.

    Ron/531: Understood, be back in 15 then.
  • Ask #26.2
    Ron/531: Grate more asks, well I out of anyponies so might as well.

    Ron/531: I wish I could go to your dimension and visit you, but I don’t know any spells that will allow me to travel to other dimension, if you do know one then I will be more than happy to go their, Pinkie will also come with me as well, so expect a party of some sorts.

    Ron/531: Tha- who now, I have no idea who you are talking about, but a creature with such power would make for a good fight, heck I’m pretty sure our friends at the S.M.I.L.E. Facility will love to join in such a historical battle.