Ask the Student Six - Asks 121 - 130

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #121
    Yona: Changeling has socks!

    Silverstream: Omigosh! Where did you get them! They look so comfy!

    Gallus: I’m feeling confused

    Sandbar: Aww. Gallus wants a pair of socks too?

    Smolder: You know he’s like… twice as strong as you, right?

    Ocellus: *happy warm bookbug noises*
  • Ask #122
    Sandbar: You’re such a buzz-kill Gallus!

    Gallus: I have CLAWS and TALONS. They SHRED those things to bits. Plus I don’t like getting those threads stuck there when they fall apart

    Silverstream: That means you HAVE tried them on before? SHOW US PICTURES

    Smolder: This is Gallus we’re talking about. He probably burnt them in a volcano to prevent them from existing.

    Yona: Yona wants socks! Can Yona wear socks?

    Ocellus: I don’t see why not. They’re so comfy <3
  • Ask #123
    Yona: Yak horns now pretty!

    Ocellus: Wait! You only put them on two of your legs. Won’t the other two get cold?

    Yona: Silly question. Yak built for cold. Why would Yak legs need protection.

    Gallus: But then why would your horns need to be- you know what. I’m not even going to ask. I feel the question would be asinine.

    Sandbar: Oooh Look at you. Using your “Word of the day” calendars Silverstream got you from her homeland

    Silverstream: I knew those were worth it! The Mount Aris board of Tourism strikes again! Bwha!

    Smolder: Yeeeeah… Giving a dragon a present made of paper wasn’t your smartest idea Silver…
  • Ask #124
    Silverstream: That just leaves one of us!

    Smolder: Hey! Gallus didn’t wear them!!

    Gallus: Yes. But one was in proximity to me. That totally counts.

    Sandbar: Like hay it does. Get over here!

    Yona: Yona will restrain Griffon and Dragon.

    Ocellus: Let’s get them!
  • Ask #125
    Smolder: Seriously. Who owns this many striped socks?

    Gallus: And who makes them THIS BIG?

    Silverstream: You should know who it was Smolder! You and Ocellus do a bunch of sewing with Professor Rarity during her Generosity classes.

    Ocellus: Eek! *hides behind Yona: *

    Yona: There! now Griffon and Dragon cannot fly away!

    Sandbar: *snerk* Look very pretty there, you two.

    Gallus: GET BACK HERE!

    Smolder: You grab him. I’ll show him my own talent in needlework
  • Ask #126
    Yona: Yona best at original slogans

    Sandbar: Not sure that one is original. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before.

    Gallus: It does have a ring to it

    Silverstream: This will be so exciting! I can’t wait!!

    Ocellus: Aren’t we doing it already

    Smolder: I feel none of us have explained this very well

    Princess Luna: Then allow my sister and I to explain it for thee.

    Students: PRINCESSES???

    Princess Celestia: Good day, my lovely creatures. It’s so very nice to see you. And to all of YOU out there too.

    Princess Luna: Allow us to explain the situation more clearly. Please do not be afraid. The Students of Twilight’s school of Friendship are not going anywhere.

    Princess Celestia: Quite so. What is happening is more of a…. friendship report - I guess you could say. They will be continue sharing their adventures in Ponyville with you all here…

    Princess Luna: … and simultaneously they’ll be forwarding those reports to another group of eager ponies. Eventually there will come a time when both groups will be updated at the same time.

    Princess Celestia: Now why is this happening? Well - It’s always good to have copies of reports. I dare say, if the Golden Oaks library had the only copy of all of young Twilight’s books, Equestria would be a far less knowledgeable place. This is just to let more people share in these tales.

    Princess Luna: You too, are more than welcome to read these reports. By clicking on the words of my sister and I, you shall be teleported to their repository. Do take care though - there are many ponies around studying!

    Princess Celestia: We must bid you farewell for now, my little ponies. Have a lovely day

    Princess Luna: Fare thee well, commoners!

    Princess Celestia: Luna!
  • Ask #127

    Sandbar: OW! What was that for!

    Smolder: PERSONAL SPACE! Respect it. Saccharine Scales, I shouldn’t have to teach you about this

    Gallus: Yeah… Saw that one coming a mile off.

    Silverstream: Is that why you slipped the question under Sandbar’s door this morning?

    Yona: Griffon very mean to friend Sandbar.

    Ocellus: I guess it wasn’t very nice. But Sandy should use a bit of common sense every now and then.

    Gallus: Woohoo! In the clear!

  • Ask #128
    Silverstream: Yaks are TOTALLY huggable. So warm and fuzzy.

    Yona: What Yona can say. Yaks best huggers.

    Sandbar: *whines*

    Smolder: Ugh fine. You can go join in the hug. Just don’t drag me into it

    Sandbar: Whoopee!

    Gallus: He behaves like such a kid sometimes.

    Ocellus: Uh… you do know we ARE all technically kids.

    Gallus: Technicalities
  • Ask #129
    Ocellus: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t draw them looking so ‘Cute’ Gallus. Also there were no mail-lings back there to send the parcels anywhere. This is fundamentally flawed!

    Gallus: Exactly. That’s why you had to stop being evil and become all pastelly coloured. It was an unsustainable system.

    Yona: Griffon has a point. Very strange way to save on money. Why not just fly to places with love

    Smolder: So how did they send love back? Did they also use the post-system?

    Silverstream: Must be! Otherwise they’d have to double up on how much they spent to get to and from the places with love!


    Sandbar: Hahah! Your face is priceless
  • Ask #130
    Ocellus: Smolder! How can you be so brazen about causing trouble!

    Smolder: Ocellus. How overdue is your book on historical friendships of the Unicornian Mages?

    Ocellus: *pouts* I reserve the right against self-incrimination

    Gallus: What she means Ocellus, is that we don’t -cause- trouble… We just don’t avoid it.

    Sandbar: Except when you get lonely during the winter

    Silverstream: Ouch! Low blow there Sandy

    Yona: Griffons fault for not flying, if he’s hit by low blows.