Ask the Student Six - Asks 131 - 140

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #131
    Silverstream: D’awww! Coral is so cute! I just want to pick her up and swing her around and around and around.

    Gallus: I don’t see it

    Smolder: Me neither

    Yona: Don’t see what?

    Ocellus: They’re just grumpy because they’re bad with kids. Aren’t they? Aren’t they? *make silly faces for Coral Currents*

    Coral: *giggles*

    Sandbar: Yeah, you two never caught me as the type to enjoy kids
  • Ask #132
    Smolder: I don’t think that’s what they were asking

    Gallus: What? It’s true. Most Griffons, if not all, come from Griffonstone

    Ocellus: I think they were talking about the hereditary biology behind your species.

    Sandbar: Oh. Ew.

    Silverstream: Ooooh I’m curious now. Gallus! Can we have another history lesson?

    Yona: Yona listen too. For reasons. And science. Yak science.
  • Ask #133
    Ocellus: Hey! Why are you the best. Most Dragons don’t even have friends to begin with.

    Smolder: Exactly. And I do. Which makes me the superior dragon.

    Gallus: *snort*. Yeah right. Okay. Here’s a test of your friendship. When is my birthday?

    Smolder: It was the day you were born. Duh.

    Sandbar: *facehoof*

    Silverstream: Well… she wasn’t wrong…

    Yona: Wasn’t right either
  • Ask #134
    Gallus: I think we need to stick together Sandbar. I swear the girls are trying to kill us.

    Yona: That not true!

    Sandbar Really? We seem to be in very unfortunate situations more often than not.

    Ocellus: Pfft. You two are just over exaggerating.

    Silverstream: Yeah! We’d never do anything that’d get you too injured. We’re just playing.

    Smolder: Yeah. So long as there’s a chance we can get found out, we’ll play nice *snickers*

    Sandbar: Hold me, Gallus

    Gallus: *grumbles*
  • Ask #135
    Silverstream: COOKEHS!

    Yona: Nuh! Yona waited patiently for friends. Was very painful but Yona waited. Friend Silverstream must wait too

    Silverstream: Awwwww...

    Ocellus: Where are Smolder and Sandbar anyway?

    Gallus: Behind the tree over there eating the other plate of cookies that they found.

    Sandbar: Gahfuush!!

    Smolder: Traitor!
  • Ask #136
    Gallus: Come on Ocellus! I was kidding!

    Ocellus: You were mean about my cupcakes! No more for you.

    Sandbar: Mmmmm these are DELICIOUS Gallus.

    Smolder: Yum!

    Yona: Yak Approves of Bookbug Bites!

    Silverstream: I think you’re meant to take more than one bite before finishing them Yona

    Gallus: Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!
  • Ask #137
    Gallus: Such a spoilsport...

    Ocellus: Yeah! It’ll be fun!

    Smolder: First. Ocellus - You can turn directly INTO a Sea-sausage

    Silverstream: Seapony

    Smolder: Whatever. Secondly. Gallus - do you even know what YOU’D turn into?

    Gallus: Probably something awesome.

    Sandbar: Maybe a Sea Urchin.

    Yona: Yona will turn into Fluffy Sea lion!
  • Ask #138
    Gallus: Doesn’t the amount of supposedly inanimate objects we have associated with each of us being…. NOT inanimate…. concern anyone?

    Smolder: ITS NOT JUST ME! Blessed Scales. I thought I was going mad.

    Silverstream: I don’t know what you mean

    Ocellus: Nor I

    Yona: Yona blames Equestrian Magic. Usually what is to blame.

    Sandbar: Hey! That’s not fair. I’m sure there’s a reason why Yak Magic isn’t used. You have horns after all.

    Yona: *Scrunches up face and tries to cast magic*
  • Ask #139
    Sandbar: Oh Sweet Luna, Not again!

    Smolder: You’d think as the home species, she would be more capable with that instrument. What’s it called?

    Silverstream: I can’t quite remember... an Ocellophone?

    Gallus: Ocellus is the instrument?

    Ocellus: No, silly. It’s a “Yovidaphone”

    Yona Yovidaphone sacred traditional Yak instrument! This one is mine, a gift from Papa-Yak for my last birthday!

    Silverstream: So shiny...I want to touch...
  • Ask #140
    Ocellus: D’aww. The gwiffy looks so cwoot!

    Silverstream: Yuh-huh! Who’s dress is it?

    Smolder: It’s Sandbar’s

    Gallus: WHY DOES HE HAVE A DRESS??? *Tries to yank it off*

    Sandbar: I live a block away from Rarity. EVERYONE has a dress!!

    Yona: Griffon’s dress looks good. Brings out yellow in feathers.