Ask the Student Six - Asks 141 - 150

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  • Ask #141
    Gallus: Whoop! School’s out!

    Ocellus: So what is everyone going to do?

    Smolder: Gallus and I are going to stay with Sandbar! We’re going EXTREME sledding in the snow!

    Sandbar: I only promised sledding! I don’t know how we’ll make it extreme

    Yona: With DRAGONFIRE!

    Ocellus: That seems counterproductive. Surely you’ll just melt the snow

    Silverstream: Unless Smolder is chasing the other two trying to burn them!

    Smolder: Woah... That sounds way cooler than what I had in mind...

    Gallus + Sandbar: NO!
  • Ask #142
    Silverstream: No you’re not! You’re back in our dorm! SCHOOL TIME!

    Gallus: For the love of Geralt of Griffonia, SANDBAR TURN THAT CLOCK OFF!

    Sandbar: No can do! You broke the off switch



    Ocellus: *whines* I’m just going to go shapeshift into something without ears now... I forgot how loud you all were

  • Ask #143
    Gallus: Can’t fault your logic on that one, Scales,

    Sandbar: I don’t think your have the monopoly on orange, Smolder.

    Smolder: Hold your tongue, I’m a Dragon. I can hoard ANYTHING.

    Silverstream: Haha! That’s funny! because our tongues are orange!

    Yona: So dragons hoard tongues?

    Ocellus: Dragons are really peculiar creatures.

  • Ask #144
    Silverstream: Skysky is the best! We go Shellhunting all the time and chasm-careening is the best!

    Ocellus: Chasm Careening? What’s that? That sounds dangerous.

    Silverstream: Yeah! We let outselves get taken by the current down into the depths near the base of Mount Aris!

    Gallus: Woah! We’ve got to try that

    Smolder: That sounds AWESOME! You’re still not transforming me though.

    Yona: Yona no see fun in being dragged underwater uncontrollably

    Sandbar: Aww C’mon Yona! It’ll be fun. Let’s see you become the first and best Yak Chasmdiver!

    Yona: *Scrunches nose*
  • Ask #145
    Sandbar: I never understood that. Why do Yaks need to be the best?

    Yona: Does friend Sandbar not want to be the best?

    Smolder: WANTING to be the best and BEING the best are two different things

    Silverstream: Maybe it’s, like, striving to be the best you can be, against all odds! Yak culture is so sophisticated and deep!

    Gallus: I’m not quite sure how you got that from her saying “Yak best!”

    Ocellus: It’s like saying Griffons are very sensitive because they don’t let others form emotional attachments easily, and they don’t want to be hurt. That’s why you’re very hostile initially.

    Gallus: Nah. We’re just jerks.
  • Ask #146
    Smolder: The bookbug read some books. There’s a shocker!

    Silverstream: Ooooh! What books did you read Ocellus? Did you read the one I gave you?

    Yona: Changeling given the same book friend Silverstream gave Yona?

    Gallus: I’m fairly sure she gave us ALL the same book

    Ocellus: Yep! I read it Silverstream. Although I’m not sure I am confident fixing any sinks, yet alone inventing underwater sinks like you requested in your note inside the cover.

    Sandbar: How would underwater sinks even work? Would it be like an underwater geyser which pushes out hot water on command? How would you make it go down a drain? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!
  • Ask #147
    Ocellus: Can Hippogriffs even grow moustaches?

    Smolder: Dragons can’t. Scales and all that. We can get fins though!

    Sandbar: If Griffons can, surely Hippogriffs can.

    Gallus: Griffons can’t.

    Silverstream: Aww... *moustache falls off* What about that famous chef who came in the other day?

    Gallus: Gustave? His is fake. Beaks can’t grow hair like that

    Yona: *peers at moustache suspiciously*
  • Ask #148
    Yona: Griffon saw nothing.

    Gallus: Griffon saw nothing. Got it

    Sandbar: What did you see nothing about?

    Yona: He saw nothing about anything

    Smolder: Sounds about right. Some stuff just goes right over his head.

    Silverstream: Like clouds! Clouds go over your head all the time, Gallus

    Ocellus: Is anycreature going to ask why Yona has a moustache?

    Yona: Changeling saw nothing.
  • Ask #149
    Yona: Hard to take it serious when you call it a cutie mark. Although Yona still wants Yak cutie mark.

    Smolder: Yeah, what’s up with that. Why not a “Destiny Sign” or something more catchy.

    Silverstream: Aww. I think it sounds cute.

    Sandbar: It’s not meant to be cute! It’s an important sign of your coming of age!

    Ocellus: Oooh. So it’s like when Griffons have their “First Feathering”. they get all fluffy and aren’t able to fly and-

    Gallus: Not. Another. Word.
  • Ask #150
    Smolder: I’m confused.

    Ocellus: Angles! They’re all angles. Acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle.

    Smolder: No-no. I mean, when did you get so snarky?

    Gallus: She’s always been snarky. Just a polite-snarky.

    Sandbar: I don’t think polite snarky is a thing.

    Silverstream: I get the joke! *giggles*

    Yona: Only angle Yona need to know is best angle of horns for optimal smash.

    Ocellus: Sorry every creature. You know I like bad puns. It’s just a REFLEX

    Gallus :*groans*