Ask the Student Six - Asks 161 - 170

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  • Ask #161
    Silverstream: SNUGGLEEEES! Come here Smoldy!

    Smolder: GERROF! And stop trying to tickle me! It doesn’t work!

    Yona: What is “Ancient Containment Seal”? Yona no have fish on side of her hair! That ribbon!

    Gallus: Yona, For the sake of all life in this school, never remove those Seals. I say this out of respect to all living creatures.

    Ocellus: Also, Seals aren’t fish, they’re mammals!

    Sandbar: What would changelings be? They’re basically every species possible. Mammals? Insects? Fish?

    Ocellus: I am NOT an insect! I’m a Tetrapod!
  • Ask #162
    Yona: Spiders are bugs too?

    Ocellus: Well... Bugs are usually insects, and a Spider is an Arachnid. So I don’t think-

    Yona: Spiders are bugs! Yona agree bugs are cute!

    Silverstream: Yeah! You go Yona! Rewrite that biology stuff!

    Sandbar: Wait... she can’t actually rewrite the textbooks can she?

    Gallus: I doubt Ocellus would let anything come near her precious textbooks with something capable of leaving a mark.

    Smolder: She still lets us within arm-length, and we leave marks everywhere.

    Gallus: Touché
  • Ask #163
    Yona: Somecreature didn’t go to sleep when they were meant to.

    Gallus: Go away. I was studying.

    Smolder: Don’t be stupid. We know you and Sandbar were playing that silly board game.

    Sandbar: It’s not silly! You enjoy Ogres and Oubliettes too! We were planning an AMAZING campaign! Right Gallus?

    Gallus: M’yeah. sure... *snoozes on his desk*

    Silverstream: I know how to wake up this sleepyhead! Professor Pinkie Pie lent me these!

    Ocellus: Are those cymbals?

    Silverstream: Yuh-huh!
  • Ask #164
    Silverstream: No really. What did I say? Sandbar is the only pony we get along with on a regular basis, so surely he’s special to us?

    Gallus: I just. But... I cannot put into words how unbelievably wrong AND right you are at the same time.

    Ocellus: She does have a habit of doing that more often than not.

    Yona: Teachers say that every pony and every creature is special!

    Smolder: I feel like sometimes we’re having multiple layered conversations on top of one another every other week. It leaves me stupified.

    Sandbar: Gesundheit
  • Ask #165
    Ocellus: BUBBLESS!!

    Silverstream: I KNOW, RIGHT!!!!

    Yona: Bubbles best!

    Smolder: Heh. is it normal for people to go goo-goo over bubbles all the time? The only bubbles I saw often before coming here were in Lava

    Gallus: Nah. those three are just special cases, right Sandbar?

    Sandbar: BUBBLES!!!

    Gallus: Looks like we’ve lost him...
  • Ask #166
    Ocellus: I don’t think that’s how you earth lightning, Gallus.

    Yona: But isn’t friend Sandbar an Earth Pony?

    Smolder: Makes sense to me. That means he’s a lightning conductor.

    Sandbar: THATS NOT WHAT I AM! Also. WHY???

    Gallus: That’s for putting the bow on me.

    Silverstream: Wasn’t that months ago?

    Gallus: Never forget. Never forgive.

    Rainbow Dash: You do realise which school you’re at, right?
  • Ask #167
    Smolder: OCELLUS! You said you weren’t going to tell anyone!

    Ocellus: But it’s just us here. We already know

    Sandbar: She was answering a question though

    Ocellus: Oh... Oopsie?

    Silverstream: It’s okay Smoldy! You have a lovely singing voice! You should use it more often

    Yona: Lots of creatures sing! Yaks sing loads. Do Griffons sing Gallus?

    Gallus: Griffons barely talk. If you get one to sing, it’ll be a cold day in Tartarus.
  • Ask #168
    Silverstream: *Hypnotised* That is amazing!

    Sandbar: How long has she-

    Smolder: Three hours.

    Yona: Hippogriff using toy for three hours?

    Gallus: She’s been using it on THESE STAIRS for three hours. She’s been using the toy for eight. Ocellus, Smolder and I are researching Hippogriff attention spans

    Ocellus: No. I’M doing the research. You’re just sat here eating crisps and copying my homework for Historical Apple Family Friendships for Professor Applejack.

    Sandbar: Sounds fun. Mind if i have one?

    Ocellus: *grumble*
  • Ask #169
    Silverstream Awwww. That’s so sweet Celly!

    Smolder: Yeah, we just thought you forgot how to.

    Sandbar: We did?

    Yona: Yona thinks friends made best Unicorns!

    Gallus: Also I’m calling you out. You used shape-shifting magic. How else did you manage to wear the headband without your horn being in the way?

    Ocellus: Shhhh! It’s the thought that counts!
  • Ask #170
    Gallus: Saaaannddbaaaaar. When is it ready?

    Yona: Griffon asked that just a minute ago!

    Gallus: I was promised sweet treats. I demand sweet treats

    Smolder: Here here. I can help speed up the baking if you-

    Sandbar: Don’t you dare! This is the SECOND oven we’ve been provided in our dorm already after you melted the last one.

    Silverstream: Oh WOW Sandy! Are they almost done? Oh my gosh! I’ve never done baking before! Have you Celly? *glomps the poor changeling* You can’t really bake underwater. Have you ever tried baking WITHOUT flour? It’s so hard! Flour and water don’t really mix. It looks funny but it’s not tasty. What do you think Celly?

    Ocellus: I t-think that y-you’re crushing me!