Ask the Student Six - Asks 181 - 190

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  • Ask #181
    Gallus: Hey, aren’t those blocks in your dorm room?

    Ocellus: Yeah! I thought I saw those too the other day

    Sandbar: Yeah. My toys passed to my sister and she gave me these as “Good luck charms” when I came to the school.

    Yona: Are they really good luck charms?

    Sandbar: Nah. But it’s sweet of Coral to think so. They’re also good for throwing at Smolder’s door when she snores

    Smolder: I DON’T- Wait. THAT WAS YOU?

    Silverstream: I thought the thudding was Smolder punching things in her sleep. You know. Dragon stuff!
  • Ask #182
    Silverstream: D’awwwwwwww Look at those ickle pudgey cheeks!

    Ocellus: And that frown! You haven’t changed a bit Smolder!

    Smolder: *facedesk* Hate you. hate you both...

    Yona: Why dragon so grumpy?

    Gallus: It’s Smolder. She has two settings, Juvenile endearing glee and crazed pyromaniac anger. There is no middle-ground.

    Sandbar: Ouch dude! Harsh. Not untrue, but still...
  • Ask #183
    Gallus: I…. did not expect that. We should’ve really expected that.

    Ocellus: Yeeeeah. Kind of a rocky place in our hive when that happened.

    Smolder: At least you’re rocking the angsty look! All black!

    Yona: Changeling doesn’t look all that different to what she does now!

    Silverstream: I don’t know. I mean This Ocellus is DEFINITELY less fluffy and snuggly than she is now.

    Ocellus: What do you mean I’m not different? I don’t have HOLES in my legs!! *pouts* I’m also at least a third bigger in height! It’s not my fault I don’t have any pictures of me as a Grub as you seem so clearly eager to see *grumbles*

    Sandbar: Aww. It’s okay ‘Cell. We still have the best part to look forward to!

    Gallus: Why are you all looking at me?
  • Ask #184
    Sandbar: Revenge is sweet.

    Yona: Are Griffons heads always so big?

    Smolder: You mean literally or metaphorically?

    Silverstream: ooooh Savage burn from the Dragon! Gallus, your response?

    Gallus: How did you even FIND this picture???

    Ocellus: Headmare Twilight pulled some strings with her friends in Griffonstone and found it! She didn’t tell us where from though.

    Gallus: Stupid meddling Ponies


    Silverstream: Just so you all know! We’re off on a school trip to Rainbow Falls this week! We’ll come back next Monday and tell you all about it!!
  • Ask #185
    Gallus: Jeez. We were only gone for a week.Calm ya rumps.

    Yona: Barely enough time to finish Yona’s coursework essay.

    Sandbar: Yeah. Yeesh. Professor Rarity was harsh. “If we have time to laze, we have time to INVENT”. She invents the most ridiculous assignments sometimes...

    Ocellus: Sssshhh! What if our teachers hear you!

    Silverstream: Why would they hear us? We live in the School dorms and she lives in the centre of Ponyville!

    Smolder: That pony can sniff out gossip like it were gems to a Dragon. Don’t put it past her!
  • Ask #186
    Gallus: GET OFF ME!

    Sandbar: Now now, Gallus. We’re making a comprehensive report for our viewers on where you’re ticklish. They DID ask, after all.

    Yona: Yak Honour binds us to do so!

    Gallus: Ahaha! Stop it! Ack!

    Ocellus: *chewing popcorn* Should we not intervene?

    Smolder: Why would we do that? This is a spectator sport.

    Silverstream: Besides. I thought Griffons were tough! Two on one should be no problem for him. YOU CAN DO IT GALLUS! Whoop!

    Gallus: TRAITORS!
  • Ask #187
    Ocellus: Wait! You beat me? Smolder! You said you were too busy to study with me! How could you??

    Smolder: I didn’t study. I just picked random options.

    Gallus: Wasn’t half the test written answers too? You must’ve studied for part of it?

    Silverstream: Omigosh Smoldy. Since you’re so smart, you should join us for our study sessions on the weekends! It’ll be SO MUCH FUN!

    Yona: Yeah! Dragon is clearly smart.

    Smolder: That’s why I was too busy. I have better things to do with my weekend than studying.

    Sandbar: Sleeping doesn’t count. I’ll just throw the blocks harder.
  • Ask #188
    Smolder: Monster? Ouch. I thought we were friends, Silver!

    Silverstream: Pffft. You’ve got thicker scales than that Smoldy!

    Gallus: Ba-dum-tsshh

    Sandbar: Is that what we’ve been reduced to? Cheesy Jokes, sound effects and references?

    Yona: More or less.

    Ocellus: Huh? I don’t get it

    Gallus: And you’re luckier for it, little bugling.

    Ocellus: I still have fangs.

    Gallus: Big bugling
  • Ask #189
    Ocellus: I have so many questions, and I don’t know where to start.

    Smolder: I’ll start. What type of Tea is that, Yona?

    Yona: Vanilla Chai! Best Yak tea. Good for doing homework on long snowy nights!

    Gallus: *sniffs* It does smell nice...

    Silverstream: Sandy, you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Sandbar: Tea par-

    Silverstream: TEA PARTY!
  • Ask #190
    Gallus: You know. You’d have thought we’d have been more productive over the weekend. Also is that my pencil?

    Sandbar: You weren’t using it. You were sprawled out on the shoreline snoring.

    Silverstream: Weren’t we meant to answer some Laughter problems for Professor Pinkie today?

    Ocellus: Myeh. It was hot. There’s a time to work and a time to sl-*yawns* sleep.

    Smolder: Who are you and what have you done with ‘Cell?

    Yona: Couldn’t changeling just turned into something that likes heat?

    Ocellus: Could’ve. Should’ve... *dozes off*