Ask the Student Six - Asks 201 - 210

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #201
    Sandbar: What do we even say to this?

    Silverstream: Nothing! So is everyone excited about tomorrow?

    Smolder: No.

    Ocellus: I am! I am! I am!

    Gallus: What’s there to be excited about. It’s just a test.

    Ocellus: I know! Isn’t it GREAT!?!

    Smolder: No.

    Yona: Yona knew changeling was from a long way away. Yona didn’t realise it was another planet.
  • Ask #202
    Smolder: I mean... Really. “Orb of Doom”? Who names an artifact like that?

    Sandbar: Maybe they were very forgetful and needed reminding which orb it was?

    Silverstream: It could have also been Mr. Doom’s orb? Like the Staff of Sacanas, I assume, belonged to somecreature called Sacanas.

    Yona: But what if many creature had same name?

    Gallus: Then you better hope that they all had similar mindsets. if Mr. Doom #1 was a lovely guy with the cure for scalerot in his orb whilst Mr. Doom #2 had a bunch of honey badgers locked inside...

    Ocellus: Eeeeeh... We just said Equestria isn’t subtle. I don’t think anycreature has enough irony or nuance to have an evil-sounding name but be good.

    Sandbar: What about Discord

    Gallus: What about Discord.
  • Ask #203
    Silverstream Don’t we get a say in this?

    Gallus: No.

    Sandbar: Nada.

    Smolder: Have you considered that none of us care?

    Gallus: Nope.

    Yona: Griffon and pony are so considerate to friends.

    Sandbar: Yup.

    Ocellus: Well according to my dictionary, “Tush” means “expressing disapproval, impatience and dismissal. So you’re both seem on par for number one there.

    Gallus: That hurt our feelings, ‘Cell!

    Smolder: Want me to cauterise the wound?

    Sandbar: Um.... Mercy?
  • Ask #204
    Smolder: Are Hippogriffs always so clingy?

    Yona: And fuzzy.

    Gallus: Yes. and... maybe? I don’t know.

    Ocellus: Do Hippogriffs have a fuzz-scale

    Sandbar: I think we should start one. Any excuse for a field trip to Mount Aris.

    Silverstream: Did someone say FIELD TRIP?!?!!
  • Ask #205
    Smolder: Next time, Gallus, you can check how deep it is.

    Yona: Don’t you mean how high cliff is?

    Smolder: No. How deep the water is. After I bind your wings. You still suck at swimming

    Silverstream: He’s not that bad! he’s getting better!

    Sandbar: Silverstream, he swims like a drunken cat got shot with a tranquilliser dart. Twice. And then continued drinking

    Gallus: Yeah well, Silver would save me by turning me into an awesome shark or something! Tiger shark!

    Ocellus: If we’re going for the naming puns, then you’re equally likely to be a Catfish... or a Sealion
  • Ask #206
    Ocellus: I swear this place is out to get me sometimes.

    Rainbow Dash: Yeeeah. We don’t roll that way. Also you got some of my colours slightly wrong. But it’s mostly cool.

    Gallus: I’m fairly certain whenever the word “Cool” is mentioned, the professor gravitates towards the speaker.

    Smolder: At least she hasn’t imitated us recently for any more pranks.

    Silverstream: Yeah.... except for that time she turned into Smolder so I could then change her appearance to see what would happen when we finally convinced you to do it. Heh. That was fun.

    Yona: Yeah. Dragonfish was very.... interesting.

    Smolder: WHAT!?!?!

    Sandbar: *noms on crisps* It’s good when it isn’t me being grilled...
  • Ask #207
    Smolder: So the true question is, who is she the MOST protective of?

    Silverstream: Awww. Don’t make me pick. That’s mean

    Yona: Obviously Yona. Because Yaks best.

    Gallus: I thought Yaks strongest. So why do you need someone to be protective of you?

    Yona: um… Yona mean Yaks most protective. Yona no need protection.

    Sandbar: It’s probably Ocellus. She’s the most naïve and helpless of all of us. Plus she’s so small

    Ocellus: *pouts* I still have fangs and the ability to drain you of your love, Sandy. I’m not that helpless.
  • Ask #208
    Gallus: But in all seriousness. What IS beneath your blanket?

    Yona: Yona’s.... back?

    Smolder: Really? That’s all you’re giving us? Nothing else?

    Yona: Yona’s...coat?

    Ocellus: I’m just amazed at how unmovable it is? Even when running it barely even budged.

    Silverstream: Yeah! When you fell into the water during that field trip, it didn’t even waft in the water. That’s...... AMAZING!!!

    Sandbar: um...Guys. That statue is looking at me funny again.
  • Ask #209
    Yona: Guuuuys. Silverstream acting evil again.

    Sandbar: I’ll get the bucket of cold water and a mop.

    Ocellus: What do you need th-

    *fwoosh splash*

    Silverstream: *soaked* Huh? Wossat?

    Smolder: You were planning to break the rules of nature again.

    Silverstream: Aha! You’ve reminded me of my evil pl-


    Gallus: Always bring a second bucket.
  • Ask #210
    Ocellus: Omigosh! Sometimes i love being in Equestria! So many feelings. So many books. So many SONGS! It’s alien.

    Silverstream: Yeah! Boogie down 'Celly!!

    Gallus: Is it normal to have so many perfectly choreographed dance and musical numbers on the weekends, Sandbar?

    Sandbar: Yeah... I don’t know why. But It works!

    Yona: How come we don’t see Sandbar singing all the time?

    Sandbar: Because you keep locking me in a cupboard the moment I start until I finish?

    Yona: We do?

    Smolder: No. I do. It’s weird! You don’t need to sing for every homework group or slightly burnt meal.