Ask the Student Six - Asks 241 - 250

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  • Ask #241
    Yona: Ponies must be fearless

    Silverstream: Why’s that?

    Ocellus: Well I guess in a sense. There could be ANYTHING inside there. And Sandbar just leapt in without looking!

    Gallus: Guys.... it’s a cardboard box. How threatening could it be?

    Smolder: Box that small, maybe it has all of Griffonstone's humour inside.

    Gallus: Har. Har.*glares*

    Sandbar: Ooooh Cupcakes!

    Silverstream: Me next! *pounces*
  • Ask #242
    Yona: Yona doesn’t understand.

    Sandbar: It was a joke. Although is Griffonstone really that bad G?

    Gallus: Well for one, you wouldn’t be able to call me “G” there. Lots of Griffs have names beginning with “G” for some reason.

    Silverstream: I heard all of them do!

    Ocellus: I remember somelings trying to sneak into Griffonstone but they didn’t last long - they picked names not beginning with “G” and were discovered very quickly.

    Smolder: Given what you changelings act like, it was less the names and more that you were probably not sarcastic or cynical enough to cut it in that society.
  • Ask #243
    Ocellus: Silver! You’re not supposed to WRITE in books!

    Silverstream: Silly ‘Celly. It’s a Journal. Journals are to be written in!

    Ocellus: But not That Journal! *whines* Omigosh. That’s the book we borroed from the school’s library too!

    Gallus: So you took a book from a library and were going to give it to somecreature else? Girls, I’m ashamed at you!

    Sandbar: That’d have a lot more weight behind it if you weren’t smirking like a draconequus...

    Yona: So what did Hippogriff write in the book? Stories about us?

    Smolder: Yeah - even my curiosity is piqued by this. Oh-oh! Was it the end of last term? That was awesome!
  • Ask #244
    Silverstream: Wooooo! Go beyond Smoldy-chan!

    Ocellus: What are both of you even saying?

    Silverstream: No idea. It just sounded like it fit.

    Sandbar: Where did you find this costume, Smolds?

    Smolder: Same place as last time.

    Gallus: That’s it. I’m petitioning Headmare Twilight for some magical locks to my room.

    Yona: More than one way to get into a room. Wall is good door.

    Gallus: Don’t you dare.
  • Ask #245
    Silverstream: That was so sweet!

    Ocellus: D’awwww! I can feel the emotions from here!

    Smolder: Myeh

    Yona: What boys think?

    Gallus: What did we just watch?

    Sandbar: Shhh. Keep eye contact. It can’t move if you don’t look away!
  • Ask #246
    Gallus: I thought I was the one who is half Lion. Why are you suddenly acting like a cat?

    Silverstream: Because tummy rubs are the BEST!

    Smolder: Once. I gave you tummy rubs ONCE as a forfeit. Why did you have to go get so addicted to them.

    Yona: Claws are good for scratching. Dragon was good pick for forfeit.

    Smolder: You PLANNED this?

    Sandbar: Well duh. Why else did we get Ocellus to pose the challenge question. She knows how much each of us knows!

    Ocellus: S-sorry! B-but to be fair. You should’ve known that question on basic geology, living around lava and such.
  • Ask #247

    Gallus: Gah! What was that for?!?

    Sandbar: Not taking our followers questions seriously.

    Gallus: What do you mean not taking seriously. I wasn’t using magic!

    Yona: You weren’t using eyes either.

    Smolder: Know what I’m looking forward to? When he starts fluffing up from all that water.

    Ocellus: *snerk* We must get Sandbar to take a picture this time.

    Silverstream: Ooooh! Ooooh! I’ll go grab the camera!!!
  • Ask #248
    Ocellus: I don’t want to be like her! I Don’t want to! *whimpers*

    Silverstream: *cuddles the bug* Shhh. Shh. It’s okay. They didn’t mean it like that sweetling.

    Yona: Yeah! Changeling will be her own creature! If no want to be queen, then doesn’t have to be one!

    Smolder: Besides, hiding behind furniture isn’t really the best look for royalty.

    Gallus: Wow. You don’t pull punches, do you?

    Smolder: Myeh. I’m not wrong.

    Sandbar: Ocellus is more prone to scaring herself than anyone else. Makes Nightmare Night very amusing.
  • Ask #249
    Smolder: Is it normal for royalty to keep popping up every few days around Ponyville?

    Yona: Dragon knows that headmare is Princess Twilight Sparkle?

    Gallus: I just assumed Princess was a standard title that half the population has. You know. Princess Twilight, Princess Pinkie Pie, Princess Sandbar

    Sandbar *arches brow* Really?

    Silverstream: Ooooh! Can I be a Princess too? Princess Silverstream has a nice ring to it.

    Smolder: I thought you were the queens Niece. Doesn’t that already make you a Princess?

    Silverstream: Oh yeah! Henceforth I shall be PRINCESS SILVERSTREAM!

    Ocellus: *pats Sandbar’s arm* I’m sure you’d be a lovely Princess.

    Sandbar: Well that goes without saying.
  • Ask #250
    Yona: Yona can’t even.

    Gallus: See. I’d mock that. Openly. But I’m actually quite unnerved that she may have a degree of power over me now.

    Sandbar: Nah. She’s in Equestria, not Seaquestria or Mount Aris. She has no power here.

    Gallus: I suppose so. Hey Silver! Your flag is naff!

    *whack* *bonk*

    Smolder: Yeah. You irritate a Hippogriff with delusions of grandeur WHILST she’s armed with a big stick, you had that coming. Birdbrain

    Ocellus: Also I guess she does count as a diplomat of sorts. We all are.

    Silverstream: Except Sandy. He’s just an ordinary Pony.

    Sandbar: An Ordinary pony with access to cupcakes.

    Silverstream: I hereby dub thee, “Royal Cupcake Provider”.

    Yona: Yona going to bed.