Ask the Student Six - Asks 261 - 270

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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  • Ask #261
    Silverstream: So.... Dibs on her stuff!!

    Gallus: Hey! No fair. I wanted those memory crystals of hers!

    Yona: Shouldn’t friends help Ocellus?

    Sandbar: Nah. It’s too late. We’ll preserve her memory through the distribution of her assets.

    Ocellus: Mfmfmffmf

    Yona: Yona sure she hears changeling inside towel pile.

    Smolder: It’s only right for her legacy to be passed to her friends

    Ocellus: MFMFFFMFFRF

    Gallus: Does anyone else hear an angry buzzing sound?

    Sandbar: Nope.
  • Ask #262
    Yona: Sandbar best! What flavour Sandbar get?

    Sandbar: Strawberry Mint!

    Yona: *frowns* Yona forgive Sandbar for not getting proper flavour. Sandbar still friend.

    Sandbar: I can always take it back-

    Yona: No! Yona happy.

    Silverstream: D’aww. That’s so adorable. Hey Gallus, Can I have your milkshake?

    Gallus: Go buy your own.

    Silverstream: Aww....

    Smolder: *snickers* What’s the chances that Sandbar tried his own milkshake and realised how disgusting it tasted?

    Ocellus: Pretty high. That or he’s scared of getting brain freeze again.
  • Ask #263
    Ocellus: There are a number of reasons why you’re so colourful.

    Gallus: I’m all ears.

    Ocellus: Well amongst animals, bright colours can be used for camouflage...

    Yona: Griffon not very good at hiding.

    Smolder: Some creatures are colourful to scare off predators into thinking they’re poisonous.

    Sandbar: The only thing poisonous about Gallus are his “knock knock” jokes.

    Gallus: That’s cause they kill you each time.

    Silverstream: What’s the last reason?

    Ocellus: Males are often very colourful when trying to attract a mate.

    Gallus: Nope. Nope. Gonna just nope right out of here.

    Sandbar: I’ll stick to my belief that Gallus is a Wonderbolt spy. Seems more likely.
  • Ask #264
    Fluttershy: Girls? Where are we going?

    Silverstream: CUPCAKES!

    Sandbar: Wait, you’re kidnapping our teacher to join us for cupcakes?

    Ocellus: Why not? Professor Pinkie always joins us

    Gallus: Yeah but that’s because she works at the place selling cupcakes..... somehow. How does she even find the time?

    Yona: Pink pony is like Yak. Pink Pony has mission, she achieve!

    Fluttershy: Oh... Pinkie Pie is going to be there too? I guess we could go for a few minutes then...

    Smolder: That’s the spirit Professor!

    Silverstream: And after cupcakes... ICECREAM!

    Fluttershy: oh dear...
  • Ask #265
    Silverstream: I don’t get it.

    Sandbar: It was a popular story about some goats who captured spooky phantasmal creatures!

    Silverstream: But why “Goat Busters”. surely. that means they capture goats?

    Yona: Yona thinks 'Goat Busters' sounds catchy!

    Gallus: And that’s what matters! One more time ‘Cell!

    Smolder: Are you two going to stop singing that song anytime soon?

    Ocellus: Noperino!

    Sandbar: Seriously. Who gave them both chocolate again?
  • Ask #266
    Ocellus: What’ve you got planned for the weekend, Sandy?

    Sandbar: An exciting action-packed weekend full of.... NOTHING!

    Smolder: That sounds like the life! I still have an assignment to do for Headmare Twilight

    Silverstream: Me too...

    Gallus: Wait, we didn’t get given any assignments this weekend. What do you two have to write about?

    Silverstream: “How ponynapping a teacher isn’t the right way to invite her to a meal”

    Yona: Wait. Yellow pony snitched on friends?

    Ocellus: She didn’t need to. Headmare Twilight was at Sugarcube Corner when these two barged in proudly announcing they had successfully ponynapped Professor Fluttershy.

    Yona: Yona hopes friends enjoy their papers.
  • Ask #267
    Yona: Yona warned you

    Gallus: Ow....

    Sandbar: Woah, what’s up with all the plasters?

    Ocellus: *carefully applying another plaster to Gallus’ ear* SOMECREATURE didn’t pay attention to the signs

    Silverstream: *gigglesnorts* It looks like you fell asleep in a thorny Everfree vinetrap!

    Gallus: Bite me, Hippofish

    Smolder: Looks like Yona beat her to the punch. Never underestimate a Yak’s jaw-strength. She ain’t lettin’ go no matter how much you flail.

    Ocellus: I should start charging bits! You’re the only one I end up using my first aid stuff on.
  • Ask #268
    Silverstream: Oooh oooh Sandy! Your headband is on skew!

    Sandbar: Nice catch Silver! Don’t I look like a fantastic Dragon?

    Gallus: Do Dragons really sparkle that much? Also Why?

    Ocellus: Smolder sparkles after she’s finished gobbling up a bowl of gemstones after breakfast

    Smolder: I DO NOT

    Yona: Dragon does sparkle,

    Smolder: Traitors.

    Silverstream: As for why. It’s Professor Pinkie Pie’s new scheme to liven up the day. “Totally Terrific Transformation Tuesdays” We get to dress up as something we’re not!

    Smolder: So Sandbar dressed up like me?

    Sandbar: Except I smile more.

    Gallus: And sparkle more.
  • Ask #269
    Yona: Ladybird looks just like Changeling!

    Ocellus: *giggles* I chose to have the ladybird design on my elytra, Yona. I told you that before

    Silverstream: And you both look so cuuuuuuute!

    Gallus: I never realised the size difference between you two. Ocellus can practically live under your belly.

    Smolder: Being small is awesome.

    Sandbar: Really? How so?

    Smolder: Well you can sneak past larger dragons and steal their hoards! Y’know. Practical reasons.

    Gallus: I’ll stick with being bigger.

    Ocellus: You’re still smaller than Silverstream and Yona

    Gallus: Shush ladybird.
  • Ask #270
    Silverstream: Killjoy

    Gallus: ‘Tis what I do best

    Ocellus: Why are you such a grumpygriff today?

    Smolder: I cooked him some breakfast

    Yona: So why that make griffon upset?

    Gallus: I’m not upset!

    Sandbar: He didn’t appreciate being served charcoal instead of pancakes