Ask the Student Six - Asks 271 - 280

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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  • Ask #271
  • Ask #272
    Sandbar: Oh come on! We don’t panic that much.

    Gallus: Fine. You may not panic much. You just freak out loads.

    Yona: Ponies also overreact.

    Ocellus: And worry.

    Smolder: And lose their minds.

    Silverstream: And go hysterical.

    Sandbar: Oh come on! That all only happens in extreme circumstances.

    Smolder: Sandbar. That was all last Tuesday.
  • Ask #273
  • Ask #274
    Ocellus: Caaaaaaaaake...

    Smolder: Jeez, who gave Ocellus a second helping.

    Gallus: Me.

    Smolder: Why would you do that?

    Gallus: Because it’s glorious to watch.

    Silverstream: I may have given her a teensy tiny bit too.... I couldn’t say “No” to those doe eyes!

    Yona: Doe eyes? She is not deer.... Also changeling had Yona’s cake too.

    Sandbar Please tell me you didn’t give her four portions of cake!

    Yona: Don’t be silly, friend Sandbar.

    Sandbar: Oh thank Celestia...

    Yona: Yona only gave one piece. Rest of friends gave more.
  • Ask #275
    Silverstream: Aww. Thanks guys. That made me feel a lot better!

    Sandbar: Why did you pick to play a Tank if you didn’t know you’d be attracting attention?

    Silverstream: Well I didn’t know what it meant by tank, so I thought “Well. Fish can live in a tank. and i am a bit fish-like when a Seapony! So a ‘Tank’ made sense!

    Gallus: there is so much wrong in there that it somehow comes out as right.

    Smolder: Unlike you, which is all wrong.

    Gallus: What? I’m a bard. I’m playing the part.

    Ocellus: I don’t think lying on your back behind us every fight humming one of Countess Coloratura’s singles counts as “Playing the part”

    Yona: That was song? Yona thought Griffon got tail caught in door again.

    Sandbar: Savage burn from the Yak Wizard.
  • Ask #276
    Sandbar: You made a convention about yourself?

    Silverstream: Why not? I thought creatures do it all the time.

    Smolder: You really do put the con in convention, Gallus.

    Gallus: Well I was going to put all proceeds towards treats from Sugarcube Corner for you guys, but you can just eat rocks instead, Smallder.

    Yona: Yona can have cupcake? Pink Pony cupcakes are the best!

    Silverstream: Woooooooo cupcakes! Wait. do we need to pay an admission fee too? I mean, we’re friends.

    Ocellus: I’m sure Gallus will channel some of that amazing Griffon haggling skills to get us to pay for our own food in some respect

    Gallus: ‘Cell, you wound me.

    Ocellus: You didn’t refute it though.

    Gallus: Touché
  • Ask #277
    Sandbar: Whoop! We’re back!

    Gallus: Yeah yeah. Cutting you off right there. ‘Cell, what the feather is that?

    Silverstream: Ooooh that’s such a super cute body pillow!

    Yona: Of books? Changeling weird

    Ocellus: What? I find books comforting.Something nice to cuddle when I sleep.

    Smolder: And are we going to address the stuffed princess toy with you?

    Ocellus: No. We are not.
  • Ask #278
    Sandbar: Gettitoffgettitoffgettitoff!

    Smolder: I thought you had no issue being dressed up all prissy like

    Sandbar: I don’t. But Pompoms creep me out. All wavey and poofy and the like.

    Yona: Really? Pompoms scare Sandbar?

    Silverstream: I guess if you turn them upside down they could be like a many-legged spider-like creature.

    Ocellus: Why did you even get dressed up in them if you didn’t want to wear it?

    Gallus: I have my reasons.

    Smolder: Silverstream bribed you with a cupcake, didn’t she?

    Gallus: And a Hayseed bun.
  • Ask #279
    Sandbar: You liked it yesterday.

    Gallus: Yesterday, I didn’t notice SOMEONE had glued this costume on so I was stuck in it.

    Smolder: You’re a big strong Griffgriff. Can’t you tear it off.

    Silverstream: Nope! Professor Rarity’s fabric was used to make these outfits. It’s designed to be strong enough not to be damaged!

    Ocellus: Ever think that our teachers are somehow overqualified for their other jobs?

    Yona: This costume perfect for Yakyakistan. Survives smash! Fabric strong. Yona approves.
  • Ask #280