Ask the Student Six - Asks 291 - 300

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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  • Ask #291
    Ocellus: *shudders*

    Silverstream: Oooh oooh! I’d be an AMAZING Changeling! I mean, I’m already -technically- a changeling because i can change between Seapony and Hippogriff. Oh my goodness! My name could be SILVERLING!

    Gallus: Maybe “Silverfish”, because Your name is Silver, You spent your life as a fish and a Silverfish is a bug

    Sandbar: Oooh. Clever! What about the rest of us?

    Smolder: We’re not going to do this. Ever.

    Yona: Smolder fins look like tail on earwig! Smolder should be called Earwig

    Smolder: No. Just... no.

    Gallus: The Yakling has spoken. Silence, Earwig.

    Ocellus: You all confuse me sometimes...
  • Ask #292
    Sandbar: *pouts* I don’t fall asleep that often.

    Gallus: You kinda do.

    Ocellus: Yeah. It’s cute how you just cuddle the miniature and begin mumbling silly things as you sleep.

    Yona: Yeah! Friends not understood what Sandbar was mumbling though. Sounded made-up from board game.

    Silverstream: Yeah, I mean, The amount of times we’ve been able to use Professor Rarity’s makeup on you without you waking up is CRAZY!

    Sandbar: That was you guys? I just thought I had slept really badly when I looked in the mirror in the morning.

    Smolder: And the stained pillow where it all got smeared on wasn’t a big enough clue? You dork.
  • Ask #293
    Silverstream: Awwww. But why not? Smolder does it!

    Gallus: Smolder does it to make you let go of her stationary when you pinch it, asking for attention. That’s not the same thing

    Silverstream: *pouts* It totally is. Right Smoldy?

    Smolder: If it ticks off Gallus and makes his point moot, then yeah, I agree with Silver.

    Yona: Dragon enjoys annoying Griffon?

    Smolder: Call it a predatory instinct to one-up each other.

    Ocellus: How fascinating! I wonder if there have been studies on this

    Sandbar: I doubt it. Most cases of any experiment probably result in cooked bird.
  • Ask #294
    Sandbar: That was very sappy. I’m so proud of you guys.

    Smolder: Bite me, Turtlebutt.

    Silverstream: Does this mean we all have a “Thing” now?

    Yona: What Silver mean?

    Silverstream: We all have something we didn’t start off with! Smoldy was the last one

    Yona: Oooh! Like Yona have trophy?!?

    Gallus: I think you’re reading way too much into this. Besides, what does Sandbar have?

    Ocellus: Didn’t he have that pet rock? What happened to him?

    Sandbar: Oh, he comes and goes as he pleases.
  • Ask #295
    Sandbar: You going to tell me how this happened?

    Apple Bloom: Well basically we tried to see if Scoots could pull a wagon!

    Sandbar: Aaaand?

    Scootaloo: I could!

    Sweetie Belle: For about three hooves then you catapulted yourself back into it and broke it. Then we brought you back here!

    Scootaloo: You could’ve at least tried to remove the wheel first.

    Gallus: You know, often I wonder how ponies survive as a species. Moments like these make me wonder if I’m in fact imagining all of this.

    Yona: Yona approves of small ponies. Have Yak spirit and energy inside! intentional or not.

    Smolder: They are capable of more mischief than they’re worth sometimes, despite having their “Destiny” laid out for them.

    Silverstream: How often do you have to look after them Sandy?

    Ocellus: He foalsits them once every fortnight. I wonder though, could that not be considered bribery for the teachers of the school?

    Gallus: Good point. Sandbar, how can I get in on this deal you’ve got?
  • Ask #296
    Silverstream: See! You did it Yona! You got from one side of the pond to the other!

    Smolder: ‘Course, she wouldn’t have to do that if she just grew wings and flew over it.

    Yona: *pokes tongue out at Smolder*

    Sandbar: Says the dragon who is noticeably standing a good distance from the edge of the water. Afraid it’ll make you cough smoke again?

    Silverstream: Now don’t be mean Sandy. Smolder just had a bad experience the last time we went swimming. It’s not her fault.

    Smolder: *growls* I didn’t have a bad experience!

    Yona: Dragon definitely made mess.

    Ocellus: Aww don’t worry Smolder. It didn’t take too long for the air to clear afterwards.

    Gallus: Metaphorically, no. Literally however; it took a good while to get the smell of charcoal out of my feathers.
  • Ask #297
    Gallus: Silverstream, why is there an Ocellus attached to your tail.

    Smolder: I was baking and somecreature sneezed into one of the bowls which had some ingredients in it.

    Silverstream: Sorry! I did say sorry. *pouts* But some of the sugary mix got on my tail. Then I felt something tugging on it later that day.

    Yona: Silver was dragging Changeling around for a while. Didn’t even notice it

    Ocellus: *noms*

    Gallus: Well Ocellus weighs next to nothing, that’s not hard to believe. And she does have a thing for sugar.

    Sandbar: *pales* So can I at least verify the cupcakes you did give us today used FRESH ingredients, not snot-covered stuff, right?

    Silverstream: Of course

    Sandbar: Thank Celestia...

    Smolder: Except yours *smirks*
  • Ask #298
    Smolder: Aaand now we’ve found our Griffon’s weakness.

    Gallus: Not really. I’m only half-lion. This stuff is nice but doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does on other cats.

    Silverstream: Nah. We know your weakness. It’s that toy mou-

    Gallus: *covering Silverstreams beak* Not another word, Hippofish.

    Ocellus: Oooooh. I know what Silverstream was talking about!!

    Yona: Yona thinks all friends know.

    Sandbar: Eeyup! Now where did he hide Mister Squeakers?

    Gallus: *Groans*
  • Ask #299
    Smolder: What’s so confusing? I’m a paragon of innocence.

    Silverstream: You’re not a parallelogram! You have far more sides

    Ocellus: No Silver, she said paragon. It means-

    Yona: Smolder isn’t shiny diamond.

    Gallus: Well... I guess the Yak isn’t technically wrong either... A paragon is a high quality diamond

    Sandbar: Trust the Griff to know about pricey products. Lets hope she doesn’t start chewing on herself if she gets hungry

    Smolder: *faceclaw*
  • Ask #300
    Gallus: Really? “This is Friendship”? That just sounds silly.

    Yona: Yeah. Doesn’t sound right to Yona too. Friends don’t push each other.

    Sandbar: Hey, don’t blame the actor, blame the script writer!

    Smolder: *grumbles* Namby pampy ponies. How do you do “Dramatic tension” here in Equestria. Sandbar even said putting a moustache on him was considered too extreme.

    Ocellus: Maybe reference some cupcakes or pastries??

    Gallus: At best that would be half-baked.

    Yona: That pun was bad...

    Silverstream: Ooooh. I could really go for a cinnamon roll!

    Sandbar: Silver! Hole! Now!

    Silverstream: *mumbles* Fine... I still want my cinnamon roll...