Ask the Student Six - Asks 311 - 230

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #311
    Gaby : Don’t be such a sourpuss! We had great (mis)adventures as cubs! We’d run and fly all over the place! Wanna go for a run?

    Gallus: No

    Smolder: Lookth like thomecreathure couldn’t outfly Gabby. I think you’ve been thpending too much thime lazing and not enough exerthising.

    Sandbar: I’m not going to get tired of that lithp.

    Smolder: Thut up.

    Yona: Griffon needs exercise? Griffon can join Yona for Yak workout!

    Sandbar: Yak workout? How does that work?

    Yona: Yak stand up. Yak then knock down tree with horns. Yak pull tree back up by teeth. Yak then go to bed.

    Silverstream: Oooh so THAT explains why that one tree in the courtyard looks a little bit...

    Ocellus: Mauled?

    Silverstream: I was going to say “over-cuddled”, but Mauled can work.

    Gallus: I do not need an exercise schedule set out by you layabouts.

    Gaby: Ooh. That means I can do it, right?
  • Ask #312
    Ocellus: What’s the matter Silver? You’re usually all bouncy and excited on a Monday!

    Silverstream: Blaaaah *flops onto her bed*

    Gallus: *snerk* At lunch she overdid it on the sugary snacks.

    Sandbar: And now she’s in the midst of a sugar crash.

    Yona: How come boys not tired like friend Silverstream?

    Smolder: Sandbar is a pony. He’s immune to sugar at this stage in his life. Everything is sugary here.

    Gallus: Meanwhile I didn’t actually eat anything sugary. So I win.

    Silverstream: Nyeeeh *snores*
  • Ask #313
    Ocellus: Aaaaiee. stopstopstopstop!!!

    Smolder: Never!

    Gallus: No weak spots my padded paw! You’re ticklish all over.

    Ocellus: Sillveerr! Halp!

    Silverstream: *munching on popcorn* Sorry ‘Celly. You suggested I was ticklish - which I totally am not. You’ve forsaken me in this conflict!

    Ocellus: *whines* Yonaaaaa

    Sandbar: Yona can’t help you ‘Cell. It’s her turn in O&O to be the Game Princess. She takes her task very seriously

    Yona: Yes! Yona will help once she finishes this amazing secret Yak ambush scenario!

    Sandbar: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, in that case.
  • Ask #314
    Yona: Why Dragon not like Dentist. Dentist will help get better.

    Smolder: Dragons don’t DO dentists. *winces* We do it naturally.

    Gallus: So sacrificing your dignity and ripping the carpet is “Natural” to you.

    Sandbar: Sounds about right. So what did she do?

    Silverstream: Ooooh! did she pull it out? The good old tooth and door trick!

    Ocellus: Maybe she did some intricate cavity filling for the cracked tooth! Tell us! *bounces*

    Smolder: Um... she used magic? That’s what you ponies do to solve all your problems, right?

    Gallus: Huh. That’s surprisingly underwhelming...
  • Ask #315
    Sandbar: I mean, duh. I’m a pony. We’re all cute and cuddly. Comes with the territory

    Silverstream: *puffs cheeks* but Yona is so fluffy! And just look at Gallus’ feathers! They’re so soft! It seems being a pony is just cheating!

    Gallus: Since when did you feel my feathers? Wait, I don’t actually want to know. What I do know is that someone is getting a little pudgy there. *prods Sandbar’s belly*

    Ocellus: Maybe you could go join the Running of the Leaves in the coming months. Our professors said it is always really fun to take part. And they even have medals.

    Yona: Medals? Medals for which creature is best? Yaks best! Yona will enter race!

    Smolder: I think I’ll just sit this one out. If the rules say I can’t fly, I can’t beat you lot.

    Gallus: Don’t worry. We’ll be going slow anyway because of Sir Pudge-alot

    Sandbar: Hey! Quit it.

    Gallus: Sure thing Sandbag.

    Sandbar: *pouts*
  • Ask #316
    Sandbar: Why are you holding a book in the photo allowing you to take books out?

    Gallus: She’s a little thief, clearly

    Ocellus: *pouts* Nuh! That’s my book. I took it to the library for cross-referencing.

    Smolder: Nerds

    Silverstream: Don’t be silly Smoldy. You were next in line. I saw you!

    Smolder: *grumbles* Just wanted a book containing maps of nearby gem caves s’all...

    Yona: Yona doesn’t have Library card. Should Yona get one?

    Ocellus: Oh yes! There’s so much useful information in the library that you could lear-

    Yona: But why can’t Yona just ask you. You know it all.

    Gallus: *whispering to Sandbar* Check

    Ocellus: B-because then you could find what you want.

    Yona: But you know it already

    Ocellus: W-well....

    Sandbar: *hoofbumps Gallus* And mate
  • Ask #317
    Smolder: Why are you winking?

    Yona: *winks*

    Silverstream: Seriously! You know something, don’t you. I want to know too! Sandbar! Translate!

    Sandbar: *winks*

    Ocellus: I’m a little bit confused.

    Gallus: *winks*

    Silverstream: ITS SPREADING! Everycreature save yourselves!!! *flies away*

    Sandbar: 10 seconds.

    Ocellus: Huh?

    Gallus: How long until Silver breaks. 10 seconds.

    Smolder: That’s cold, dude

    Yona: *blinks* Yona sorry. Yona just had something in her eye. Where friend Silverstream go?
  • Ask #318
    Yona: So what if food looksh shtrange! Food tastesh great! *munches*

    Gallus: Swallow, I beg of you, before speaking

    Yona: *blushes* Sorry!

    Silverstream: I think it’s nice!

    Sandbar: Spraying your food?

    Silverstream: No, silly. That they put effort into each of our meals! it’s like they really care about us!

    Smolder: But how do they find the time to do all of this? I can understand doing one or two, but for every student?

    Ocellus: Don’t be such a wet blanket! If I’ve learnt anything from coming here, it’s that anything is possible!

    Gallus: No matter how unrealistic
  • Ask #319
    Gallus: Why do we even follow that many people?

    Silverstream: Why not? Everyone who follows us deserves to be followed in kind!

    Yona: But if we follow followers, we just walk in circles.

    Smolder: Like proud multicoloured sheep.

    Sandbar: Oooh, speaking of multicoloured sheep, are you looking forward to our field trip next week to the Crystal Empire?

    Ocellus: Oh! I know I definitely am! it’s going to be so exciting to see the crystal heart! I’ve read so much about it

    Gallus: You’re just in it for the love aura it emits.

    Ocellus: Don’t judge me!
  • Ask #320
    Ocellus: So that explains why you weren’t out after school with the rest of us.

    Smolder: *grumbles* How was I supposed to know that stupid gem was Spike’s?

    Yona: If Smolder found gem, why Smolder not hand in to lost and found?

    Smolder: Because this is Equestria! You can find Gems on the ground like you find grass on a field. I just thought it was there!

    Ocellus: I guess anyone could make that sort of mistake...

    Gallus: Good job showing restraint though.

    Smolder: Bite me, Pigeon.

    Silverstream: Hey! That’s Cat-Pigeon to you!

    Gallus: Please don’t interject on my behalf. It never goes well.

    Sandbar: Look on the bright side. Your feathers are still room temperature! I’d beat a hasty retreat though, G.