Ask the Student Six - Asks 321 - 330

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #321
    Ocellus: I mean, really! It’s really bad. I don’t even have holes in my legs!

    Sandbar: Well yeah, I know that, I had to get the changeling vibe somehow.

    Yona: Sandbar didn’t really try hard, did he?

    Sandbar: Hey! That’s not fair. I even have her carapace segments!

    Gallus: Drawn badly in ink.

    Silverstream: Well I like it Sandbar! You’re even pinning your ears back to look like Celly’s!

    Smolder: Told ya the ear thing would pay off!

    Sandbar: It did, but focusing on holding them down is surprisingly harder than it looks.

    Ocellus: *grumbles* I don’t know if I should feel insulted that you think my elytra are box shaped too *pouts*
  • Ask #322
    Smolder: You look like a girl.

    Sandbar: Well so do you! *pokes tongue out*

    Smolder: ... I am a girl

    Sandbar: Wait... really?

    Smolder: I know you’re trying to be funny - but remember: you’re looking very crystally right now. And I haven’t eaten anything today.... yet.

    Gallus: And that, Professor, is why Sandbar is now a pile of ash.

    Ocellus: Getting your alibi in order already?

    Gallus: Doesn’t hurt. Gotta have a backup plan, y’know?

    Yona: But Smolder right. Pony mane does look like girl mane.

    Silverstream: Well Sandbar always did spend a lot of time making his mane just right every morning.
  • Ask #323
    Gallus: Do you think we could take the jewels the Crystal Heart’s aura makes and sell it?

    Sandbar: You mean in Ponyville?

    Gallus: No, Yakyakistan *rolls eyes* Of course Ponyville. There must be a market for this sorta stuff.

    Yona: Why not Yakyakistan? Yaks like gems too. Just not as much as ponies.

    Smolder: Aren’t there hundreds of tunnels near or around Ponyville with gems of every kind inside?

    Gallus: Yeah but... who actually goes to them?

    Ocellus: I guess you could sell them. But the profit margin would be very bad and you’d have to sell them very expensively if you want to make this a business.

    Silverstream: How come? I want to sell some bling too!

    Ocellus: Well you’d have to make the return journey to the Crystal Empire just to get new stock. And that’s before we even know if this stuff is permanent.

    Gallus: Bah
  • Ask #324
    Yona: Griffon very sparkly

    Sandbar: He is, but why is your tail wrapped in tape?

    Gallus: Beats me! It’s silver though, which makes it cool!

    Silverstream: Does this mean I’m cool??

    Ocellus: The Crystal Empire is surrounded by snow. Everything is cool here

    Smolder: The correct answer is: Yes, Silver. You’re cool too.

    Silverstream: Hurray!

    Ocellus: *grumbles* I was trying to be funny.

    Smolder: The fact you had to try so hard is funny enough.

    Ocellus: *pouts*
  • Ask #325
    Ocellus: If you don’t stop pinching me, I’ll pinch you back.

    Gallus: Jokes on you, I have claws, you have hooves.

    Ocellus: No, the joke’s on you. I can change into all manner of creatures with talons to pinch you with.

    Gallus: Ah.... mistakes have been made

    Sandbar: Seriously? Did you just forget she can transform?

    Silverstream: Well to be honest, she doesn’t do it all that often. I can’t even remember the last time she did!

    Yona: Wait. Didn’t changeling turn into Griffon during history of friendship when he asked really silly question?

    Smolder: No. That was Gallus asking a stupid question.
  • Ask #326
    Smolder: Not even an awful report card, you’re just going for a disappointing one.

    Silverstream: It’s 'Celly. I don’t want to scare her too much! Besides, shoo! Our outfits are meant to be secret!

    Smolder: Yeah yeah, I already know what I’m going as. Sandbar is going to regret dressing up as a Dragon that one time...

    Yona: Friends talking about Nightmare day?

    Ocellus: Night. Yona, Nightmare Night.

    Gallus: I don’t know Nightmare Day sometimes seems accurate. I know I have nightmares every time Starlight lets Trixie out without a leash on the school grounds.

    Yona: Yona still has flash bees burn from last time*grumbles*

    Sandbar: At least we learn that your new fear of Bees up there with your fear of heights.

    Yona: Yona not afraid of heights. Yona just doesn’t like when High becomes low quickly...
  • Ask #327
    Sandbar: So.... What flavour?

    Smolder: *snickers*

    Sandbar: What?

    Gallus: He’s been caught in the Ice-cream net.

    Ocellus: *giggles* Yep!

    Yona: Sandbar thinks too late for ice-cream - and now wants one.

    Sandbar: I was just asking the flavour!?!

    Silverstream: It’s caramel! And you can have some *licks the spoon as she hugs a tub of ice-cream*

    Sandbar: Hmph... Thank you...
  • Ask #328
    Gallus: Also... Y’know... Thanks for the other stuff you said.

    Ocellus: D’awww! He’s blushing!

    Smolder: Is little Gallywally feeling embarrassed at being fawned over?

    Gallus: Shaddup

    Silverstream: It’s okay Gally! It just means you’re loved by everycreature.

    Yona: Yes! Yona loves all friends! Yak friends are best friends.

    Sandbar: Here here!

    Gallus: *Growls* That’s it. I’m teaming up with Professor Dash to zap you all in two days time.

    Smolder: *cackles*
  • Ask #329
    Sandbar: Does anyone else hear crickets?

    Gallus: That’s just Ocellus being happy.

    Ocellus: *beams*

    Smolder: I haven’t seen her this giddy since hearts and hooves day. Poor girl was all goo-goo eyed and everything.

    Yona: Yona wonders what Affection taste like? Tastes like love?

    Silverstream: What does love even taste like?

    Gallus: Probably marshmallows and sweeties.

    Ocellus: It’s hard to describe what it tastes of. It tastes like that feeling you get which sends shivers down your spine. Like how you wince when somecreature drags their talons on a chalkboard, but its a good feeling instead.

    Gallus: So does-

    Sandbar: That doesn’t give you freedom to drag your talons on a chalkboard. Again. You too Smolder.

    Smolder: Spoilsport.
  • Ask #330
    Silverstream: Gallus! That wasn’t funny! Coming as a Zombie Storm King is just mean! *pouts*

    Gallus: Myeh. I scared you so I won. Is that kelp in your mane?

    Silverstream: Yuh-huh! it seemed the easiest thing to finish off my appearance as the evil queen of the changelings.

    Ocellus: Close enough. The horn was spot on Silver!

    Gallus: That brings me onto you. Who on earth is scared of Princess Luna?

    Smolder: Myeh. Dragons aren’t scared of anything. We’d go claw to claw with a hydra. But how do you fight your dreams? It’s unnerving!

    Sandbar: I guess so. So you’re a dog Yona?

    Yona: Yes! Yak is best dog. Griffon hates dogs! He keeps jumping into sky to avoid them

    Gallus: Hmph. I do not!

    Silverstream: You so do! You even make a little squeal.

    Smolder: So Sandbar is Timberwolf?

    Sandbar: Yup. Yona doesn’t like ‘em. Something about the creaking they make in the darkness. And you’re... a bat...

    Smolder: a VAMPIRE bat!

    Sandbar: Well you can just stay up there. Away from me. All night.