Ask the Student Six - Asks 331 - 340

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #331
    Silverstream: Seriously. How do you recover so quickly from such a sugar crash Gallus?

    Yona: Griffon has fast metabo.... meta... Griffon is sugar cube.

    Ocellus: You mean he has a fast Metabolism, Yona.

    Smolder: I supposed they do. Hey, are we ever going to get a backstory to this little rodent?

    Gallus: No.

    Smolder: Good. Just clearing that up.

    Ocellus: I wasn’t aware that Griffons showed this level of attachment to plush toys.

    Sandbar: I wasn’t aware Griffons cared much for friends either, shows what we both know about each other!

    Gallus: Couldn’t have said it better.

    Ocellus: *frowns* But you could’ve said it nicer.

    Sandbar: Could’ve. Didn’t.

    Yona: Sandbar just grumpy he has no sweets left.
  • Ask #332
    Silverstream: Don’t be silly! You’re a cutie too Smoldywoldy

    Smolder: Good *grumbles* And don’t forget it.

    Sandbar: Really, being cute is overrated in Equestria.

    Yona: Why ponies try to be cute all time? What does cute achieve?

    Gallus: Free biscuits.

    Ocellus: And lots of love energy.

    Smolder: *arches an eyebrow*

    Ocellus: What? The best way to get little tendrils of love from ponies before we changed was to appear cute in some form or other. Passive siphoning - and it hurt no-creature.
  • Ask #333
    Yona: What changeling painting?

    Smolder: I know this one! It’s the changeling hive!

    Gallus: How do you even know that?

    Smolder: ‘Cell showed me some pictures from the last time she visited, duh.

    Silverstream: You’re getting really good at painting Celly?

    Ocellus: Thanks!

    Silverstream: Well, spill! Who’s been teaching you?

    Gallus: Who do you think?

    Yona: S...Smolder?

    Gallus: *facetalon*

    Sandbar: I remember when Ocellus last drew. That was a creature of nightmares.

    Ocellus: It was a picture of me!

    Sandbar: And you somehow managed to make a petite harmless changeling look like a creature of nightmares.
  • Ask #334
    Gallus: Silver - If I find anything back in the dorm in ANY phase of being dismantled, I will find you.

    Silverstream: Unless I remove the door handle!

    Ocellus: I feel if you did that, it’d just trap you.

    Smolder: Unless she did it from the outside whilst Gallus was inside.

    Sandbar: Where are we during this escapade?

    Silverstream: Definitely in the same position. Except for Yona.

    Yona: Yaks don’t need door handles!
  • Ask #335
    Gallus: Yakkity Yak?

    Silverstream: Don’t talk back!

    Yona: Griffon will get out. Now.

    Smolder: Huh, what about Silver?

    Gallus: Yeah! Why am I being picked on.

    Yona: Because Griffon doesn’t help Yona with her braids.

    Gallus: ...I could try? Would it mean that I can stay here?

    Ocellus: I predict about thirteen things could possibly go wrong with that...

    Sandbar: I’ll take that bet. Raise to seventeen.

    Ocellus: Deal.

    Smolder: I bet on Thirty

    Gallus: Oh come on! How hard can it be?

    Yona: Can Yona place bet on a hundred?
  • Ask #336
    Smolder: So who won the bet?

    Ocellus: I think everyone did...

    Sandbar: Except Gallus. How’s the tail, mate?

    Gallus: *grumbles and hugs tail* Didn’t need to bite that hard on it.

    Yona: Griffon didn’t say Yona could not. Yona only did what he asked.

    Gallus: Sarcasm, Yona. Do you not speak that in Yakyakistan?

    Yona: *rolls eyes* No. Yaks do not speak sarcasm in Yakyakistan.

    Silverstream: Wait.... were you being sarcastic?

    Ocellus: Well technically she isn’t in Yakyakistan at the moment...
  • Ask #337
    Silverstream: I’m the oldest! I’m the best!

    Yona: Yona close second though. Silver only beat Yona by three weeks!

    Sandbar: And Smold-

    Smolder: Stop calling me the baby of the group!! Just because I’m the youngest does not make me the baby!!!

    Sandbar: I was going to say your Birthday is next week, but if you’re going to be childish about it...

    Gallus: *cackles* Walked right into that one Smolder!

    Ocellus: *giggles* Very much so!

    Smolder: *faceclaw*
  • Ask #338
    Ocellus: And I said “Oh Come on! It’s not even a first edition!”

    Smolder: And what did she say back?

    Ocellus: I don’t know. She was too busy looking at her book collection in realisation.

    Silverstream: Hi Girls!

    Yona: Oooh! Dragon Tea party? Can Yona join?

    Smolder: Sure thing.

    Sandbar: What abo-

    Ocellus: Your teacup is already filled Sandy

    Gallus: *peers*

    Silverstream: Come on Gally! You know you want to!

    Gallus: Fine

    Ocellus: And make sure to bring that adorable power ponies mug!
  • Ask #339
    Sandbar: It’s Friday! Finally! I am exhausted *flops*

    Gallus: What’s got you beat. Class wasn’t that hard was it? I mean, even I understood most of it.

    Smolder: Speak for yourself. I still keep thinking the Pillars are made of stone...

    Gallus: You’re just a special case Smolds.

    Silverstream: I bet It’s just the feeling of Friday. The end to all woes and pain! Right Sandbar?

    Ocellus: Yes! I can’t wait to start on all the homework. It’s going to be so much fun! *squees*

    Sandbar: *ears flop* Oh...

    Yona: Sandbar forgot about homework, didn’t he?

    Sandbar: I didn’t forget... I just dared to dream
  • Ask #340
    Sandbar: Wow, really bashing these questions out quickly, aren’t you?

    Gallus: I felt if I did five days worth in one day, I could just take a nap for the rest of the week.

    Smolder: I don’t think it works like that.

    Yona: Does this mean rest of friends have to answer five each day?

    Sandbar: Yeeeeah that’s not going to happen.

    Gallus: Nyeh. Just means I’m the best.

    Ocellus: Quality, not Quantity, Gallus.

    Silverstream: Because I poked my head into two questions, does that mean I only have to answer four to beat Gallus? And what if I answer the same question in four different ways.

    Smolder: I thought Dragons were competitive, Hippogriffs are on a whole new level.

    Silverstream: Yeeeah, not much else to do whilst under the sea for a long time other than invent ways to pass said time! Competition is fun!