Ask the Student Six - Asks 361 - 370

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #361
    Sandbar: Does this mean we need to do one of these for each celebration?

    Ocellus: Well we celebrate Hearthswarming anyway.

    Yona: Yona would like to do one for Snilldar Fest!

    Smolder: I really doubt it’d make much headway in the Feast of Fire either. It’s a few weeks out regardless.

    Silverstream: I’m sure manygriffs know about Hearthswarming at Mount Aris! But the Three Days of Freedom Celebration is pretty crammed as it is! Not that I don’t enjoy doing more songs!

    Gallus: Yeeeeah. No. Not even going to try this in Griffonstone. They’ve improved, but still grumpy.
  • Ask #362
    Ocellus: Isn’t that a little harsh to a... clock?

    Silverstream: Yeah! Who knows, maybe your life one day will depend on being awake at certain times on the dot!

    Gallus: The day I decide to tie my life down to a... ugh... schedule... is the day I hang up my sketchpad.

    Smolder: Besides, you couldn’t wake up on time to save your life.

    Gallus: Righ- hey! I can wake up on time If I want to!

    Sandbar: Dude, you are impossible to wake up without a loud noise. It’s like you turn off your ear...flap...things.

    Silverstream: They’re just called ears, silly!

    Yona: Well bird ears look weird compared to Yak ears! Pony ears look alright, but stick in wrong direction.

    Smolder: Starting off the year on a tangent... yeah, this will go well.

    Ocellus: I have a headache already.
  • Ask #363
    Smolder: Whatcha looking at Silver?

    Silverstream: The Weather! The winds are dying down!

    Gallus: Oh, neat! We can go flying again soon. It’s been way too windy to go out and soar lately.

    Silverstream: Yuh-huh! It’s going to be amazing!

    Ocellus: Count me out. I have the library fireplace and my reading list to keep me company.

    Yona: Yona don’t mind wind. But Yona too tired to leave Room. Too much sweeties...

    Sandbar: Shouldn’t have scarfed them all down when I shared them with you all then! Only yourself to blame.
  • Ask #364
    Gallus: Hah! Bingo!

    Smolder: Dang, you got six?

    Gallus: Bullseye!

    Smolder: *hmphs* I thought she’d go for seven.

    Ocellus: What’re you two doing?

    Sandbar: They’re placing bets on how many times Yona says her name in the third person.

    Yona: *blinks*

    Silverstream: You two have waaaay too much time on your hands! Also put me down for six on the next one.

    Ocellus: Silver! We shouldn’t be betting on th-

    Yona: Yona bets on eight.

    Smolder: *snorts*
  • Ask #365
    Sandbar: My thongue! I cahn fheel my thongue!

    Smolder: Don’t be such a baby horse

    Silverstream: Foal

    Smolder: Right. Don’t be such a baby horse foal.

    Gallus: Hey S. I got you a glass of orange juice to cool you off!

    Ocellus: Aww. That’s nice of you

    Sandbar: *down the glass of liquid*

    Yona: What Griffon do with hot sauce? Yona want it for her toast.

    Sandbar: *whimpers* Y-you didn’t...

    Gallus: I did.

    Ocellus: I stand corrected.
  • Ask #366
    Smolder: *continues snoring*

    Gallus: Y’know. I’d have thought she’d be louder. At least louder than Silverstream

    Silverstream: *squeaks* I don’t snore!

    Ocellus: You do talk a lot though.

    Silverstream: Only if something interesting happens in my dreams! I thought you’d like to know.

    Ocellus: If you ever forget the number of ice-cream flavours you want us to go diving into, I’ll let you know.

    Yona: Shhhh. Friends will wake Friend.

    Sandbar: Let sleeping Dragons lie

    Gallus: Words to live by.
  • Ask #367
    Sandbar: Only you could get excited for a Monday.

    Ocellus: What’s not to love?!? First day of School a week. Homework hand-ins. Results from the previous week. It’s everything I could hope for in a day!

    Yona: Changeling has very different idea of what is enjoyable to Yona.

    Gallus: Phshaw. The day I’ll be happy it’s a Monday is the day I become ruler and restructure the week so Monday marks the beginning of a 6 day weekend.

    Smolder: What happens on the 7th day?

    Gallus: National Holiday.

    Silverstream: So *scratches beak*... does anyone know how to untangle a Changeling death-hug? I kinda need breakfast.

    Ocellus: Eep! S-sorry!
  • Ask #368
    Smolder: *snorts* Looks like he enjoys it, Look at that tail wag.

    Gallus: Shaddup.

    Sandbar: So who’s next?

    Ocellus: Smolder!

    Silverstream: Smolder!

    Yona: Dragon!

    Gallus: *smirks*

    Smolder: Don’t you da-

    Gallus: Smolder.

    Sandbar: Majority verdict! Hug the dragon!
  • Ask #369
    Smolder: Gerrof me!

    Gallus: Sock is on the other paw now.

    Yona: Sock?

    Gallus: I meant shoe-

    Silverstream: No! You said sock!

    Smolder: Didn’t we burn those things after last time?

    Ocellus: No. You burnt them. After you were forced into them.

    Smolder: Oh yeah! Well can you blame me? You guys shoved them onto my wings!

    Sandbar: I think we‘re missing the bigger picture here.

    Yona: That Gallus wants... socks?

    Sandbar: Exactly!
  • Ask #370
    Yona: Also why does Ocellus have seaweed on her face.

    Ocellus: It’s not seaweed! if I try to change species without a specific creature to copy, I have to base it’s design on my own!

    Silverstream: Oooooh. That explains how you could turn into Professor Rarity, but then turn into a turquoise bugbear!

    Ocellus: Exactly!

    Smolder: Must be weird to change into creatures who all have different attributes. Like going from a flightless creature to one with magic

    Silverstream: So if we asked you to turn into an Alicorn, but didn’t specify an Alicorn, we’d get an Ocellicorn?

    Sandbar: Ocellicorn sounds like something you’d get when you step on a thorn or something...

    Gallus: So. Question. We saw you turn into a rock. Does that mean you could also turn into a box? And if so, can we ma-

    Ocellus: You cannot mail me!

    Gallus: Darn.