Ask the Student Six - Asks 381 - 390

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #381
    Gallus: I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that you are the worst delinquent in the world. Even Ocellus is more rebellious than you

    Ocellus: I am not rebellious!

    Smolder: You threw a book at Gallus. It hurt the book.

    Ocellus: It was not verified literature!

    Yona: Changeling have anger issues? Want Yona hug?

    Silverstream: Hey Sandy, where did you get that hoodie from? It looks toastie!

    Sandbar: I found it in Smolder's cupboard when Gallus moved her gem stash.

    Silverstream: Oooooh. That makes more sense. I can totally see Smoldy wearing that.

    Smolder: That’s not mine! It’s.... Gah! *stomps off*

    Gallus: It’s totally hers.
  • Ask #382
    Silverstream: Sandbar! That’s not funny! You scared the daylights out of me!

    Sandbar: ...*falls over as well*

    Silverstream: GALLUS!!! I know it was you!

    Gallus: *cackles and flies off* You’ll never catch me!

    Smolder: Do I really want to know?

    Sandbar: *pokes his cut-out* How did he make them so realistic?

    Ocellus: I’m more concerned if he has any more of these lying around.

    Yona: Oh! There’s Yona! Not as good as proper Yona, but adequate. Yona approves.

    Silverstream: *chasing a blue blur* COME BACK HERE!
  • Ask #383
    Smolder: *snorts* They would eat. Him. Alive.

    Yona: Yona does not eat creatures.

    Ocellus: Eat who?

    Smolder: My Bro. he’s such a pansy.

    Gallus: So he and Sandbar would get on well together.

    Sandbar: I fear our friendship would be just as.... flammable... as yours with Smolder, G.

    Silverstream: Omigosh, I should bring Terramar around to meet your brother! They would get along so well!

    Sandbar: Not a bad idea. Best counter for a dragon is water after all.

    Ocellus: You are such a dramaling.
  • Ask #384
    Gallus: So does that make me a good changeling or you a bad changeling, if you can’t tell if I am one or not?

    Ocellus: It’s not as easy to quantify as it is with a griffon. It’s like trying to pick the lock on a door with your mind.

    Yona: Yona know if Yak is Yak. Because Yak has Yak horns and Yak instincts!

    Silverstream: But what if a changeling turned into a Yak?

    Yona: Then Yona headbutt Yak. If Yak returns greeting, then they are Yak! If not, Yona headbutt again for good measure.

    Smolder: *whispering* Make sure you never turn into a Yak. You may not recover from the concussion

    Sandbar: Or turn into a Yak with wings and fly away first.

    Gallus: Why a Yak with wings? Why not just.... a bird?

    Sandbar: Are you honestly telling me you don’t want to see a Yak with wings now?

    Gallus: ...maybe I do...
  • Ask #385
    Gallus: S’not my fault they made these beds for Ponies and not Griffons

    Sandbar: We’re not that different in size - and the others haven;t complained either!

    Yona: Yona’s bed comfy. Yona got no complaints.

    Ocellus: I like the pillows! They’re so soft!

    Silverstream: I still find it a little bit weird sleeping on a bed and not underwater. Even though we’ve been here for a long time already! I still wake up expecting to just float off towards breakfast... only to-

    Smolder: Land on top of me as I crawl out from bed. Yes. I had noticed. Maybe we should consider swapping beds?

    Silverstream: Aww. But your snoring makes my bed all warm and cozy!

    Smolder: I-I don’t snore!

    Ocellus: Well it’s not a loud snore. It’s quite a cute squeaky one-


    Yona: Pony building pretty but walls between rooms not thick..
  • Ask #386
    Silverstream: Seriously! There’s this Shellfish glint in their eyes each time I see them.

    Smolder: Wait. Those oyster things Skystar had have names? I thought she was just showing us those as a joke!

    Gallus: Never underestimate a Hippogriffs ability to be completely and utterly serious about the ludicrous.

    Silverstream: D’aww. Thanks Gally! I think...

    Ocellus: Don’t thank him, Silver

    Sandbar: Shelley is a great conversationalist. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

    Yona: Yona doesn’t think ‘he’ has any bones, Sandbar.
  • Ask #387
    Gallus: I honestly don’t know what I expected...

    Sandbar: Well you did want to see this.

    Smolder: As did you.

    Silverstream: And it was super nice of Princess Luna to take the time out of her schedule to show us what it’d look like!

    Yona: Yona no need wings. If object in high place, Yona smash place below it and object come to Yona.

    Ocellus: What if it’s on a cloud?

    Yona: Then Yona ask friends to get it. Friends help each other. Still not need wings.

    Smolder: Ouch. She got you there.

    Silverstream: I’ll get stuff on clouds for you, Yonaaaa! Then we can braid our hair again! *squees*

    Gallus: That’s a point. Why is it just the pair of you who do the whole “girly hair things” together and not Smol’ or ‘Cell?

    Smolder: Neither ‘Cell’s fins nor my spines work like hair. Can’t do much with them. At least not what they want to do.
  • Ask #388
    Ocellus: He’s not actually wrong.

    Gallus: *smirks smugly*

    Smolder: There is so much wrong with what he said. Why are you even defending him??

    Ocellus: But his answer isn’t wrong! Well... it is. It’s presented wrong, but it’s right.

    Smolder: That makes no sense!!

    Sandbar: I think we should leave them to this debate

    Silverstream: Yeeeeeah. I never liked trigonometry.

    Yona: Yona really likes maths!

    Silverstream: Really?

    Yona: Yes! Maths involves mechanics. Force! Direction! Yak specialities.

    Sandbar: Well I never...
  • Ask #389
    Smolder: Somecreature must be having a good dream. Her tail is wagging.

    Gallus: Doesn’t your jaw hurt? That bag contains all her books.

    Sandbar: Nah. Pony jaws are quite strong.

    Silverstream: Probably comes from all that singing you do!

    Yona: Makes sense to Yona.

    Smolder: But why not put it around your neck?

    Sandbar: Meh. Too much effort. At this point I want to just get someling to bed and then snooze.

    Ocellus: *snuffles and mumbles sleepily*
  • Ask #390
    Silverstream: Oooooh! Shiny! Where did you find that Smoldy?

    Smolder: I made it!

    Sandbar: Huh. Nice! It looks great!

    Ocellus: I’m sorry. You made it?

    Smolder: Well not the gem obviously. But I cut it down to this. It was a bit bigger before.

    Gallus: By “Cut it down” do you mean you snacked on it?

    Smolder: No! Well at least not all of it...

    Yona: Dragon definitely ate it.

    Gallus: Hah! Knew it!