Ask the Student Six - Asks 401 - 410

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #401
    Smolder: WHY DID NOCREATURE TELL ME? I was out like this for the whole day!!

    Gallus: We thought you were trying out a new look.

    Yona: Yona thought the reason was Griffon was scared Dragon would cook him.

    Gallus: Yeah, that too.

    Smolder: Silver! ‘Cellus! Why didn’t you two say something?

    Ocellus: I-I’ve been in the library all day! I left before you even got up

    Silverstream: Say what? Oh hey Smoldy! You have something on your face!

    Smolder: *faceclaw*

    Sandbar: Never underestimate a ponies affinity for wanton doodling.
  • Ask #402
    Gallus: Or a crabby chick

    Yona: Or cross calf

    Silverstream: Or a fractious fry!


    Ocellus: What? Littlelings are cute too

    Gallus: Going to contribute, Sandbar?

    Sandbar: I’m trying to find something to alliterate with Foal. Silverstream took the best word!

    Ocellus: Furious foal?

    Sandbar: Myeh. It’ll do.
  • Ask #403
    Gallus: Why is she acting like a dog?

    Sandbar: Huh? But she’s not mining for gems, how is she acting like a dog?

    Smolder: Wait? Dogs hunt gems? But that’s a Dragon thing?

    Silverstream: Oooh. Dragons breath fire though. Didn’t Gallus say Griffons can breathe fire?

    Smolder: GALLUS!?

    Gallus: Myeh?

    Ocellus: Silver can transform too, but I find it fascinating!

    Yona: And Changeling knocked over tower on first school day. Makes good yak.
  • Ask #404
    Sandbar: Aww. Spoilsport. You weren’t this grumpy when we played cavalry battle last week.

    Gallus: THIS week Yona is our opponent. I’d rather forfeit than risk a concussion.

    Yona: Griffon is learning Yak superiority.

    Gallus: I’m more than aware of what happens when bird hits cliff-face thankyouverymuch.

    Silverstream: Yeah! We’re an awesome team Yonaaaa!

    Smolder: Hey ‘Cell. Next time we’re against the boys, turn into a Yak!

    Ocellus: Mhmm! Sounds like a plan!

    Sandbar: Ponyfeathers...
  • Ask #405
    Yona: What friends doing with Pony Professor’s Puppy?

    Silverstream: Giving it a walk of course! Or more of a jog. Canter? Run!

    Smolder: That makes me wonder. Why do ponies always shout “Run”” when there’s danger? Surely they should be crying “Gallop!”

    Gallus: Run is shorter. More to the point.

    Ocellus: I feel “Run” is more suited to our group, since Galloping mostly refers to quadrupeds. Smolder can’t gallop

    Smolder: I could try, but it wouldn’t end well.

    Sandbar: So what if Ocellus turned into a six-legged creature? It wouldn’t be gallop then? What would she do if she ran?

    Gallus: She’d skitter or scuttle, I’d imagine.

    Yona: Yona going to assume Pony Professor has been told that friends have puppy for walk...

    Silverstream: Ooooh. I knew we forgot something!
  • Ask #406
    Gallus: Someone’s been raiding the flower triplets again.

    Sandbar: I don’t actually think they’re related.

    Smolder: They’re related enough as drama llamas

    Silverstream: Ooooh! I’ve not seen a Llama before. Do you get many here in Equestria?

    Sandbar: I’ve never really met one. Smolder made the comparison, maybe she has?

    Yona: Are llamas dramatic? Dragon wouldn’t lie to friends would she?

    Ocellus: I’m sure she’s telling the truth. I find Smolder to be quite world-wise!

    Smolder: *Faceclaws* It’s a turn of phrase...
  • Ask #407
    Sandbar: I mean, they don’t even put up a fight anymore!

    Gallus: We’ve accepted the futility of resistance, clearly.

    Silverstream: Good boy! *pats Gallus’ head*

    Yona: Griffon can learn new tricks!

    Smolder: Hmph! Well I’m not going to give in to such cushiness so easily!

    Ocellus: Liar *giggles* You love it as much as the rest of us. I can feel it.
  • Ask #408
    Silverstream: Professor Fluttershy really finds all the strangest creatures in the Everfree Forest

    Ocellus: And the cutest ones too!

    Smolder: I think the strangest creatures are still found at this school...

    Gallus: “Unique” - not strangest.

    Sandbar: And it’s only going to get stranger when more creatures will be invited.

    Yona: Yona wonders what other creatures headmare will invite to school...

    Silverstream: I’ve always wanted to meet a hydra!

    Gallus: I will be staying constantly at high altitude for the rest of my enrolment if she does...
  • Ask #409
    Smolder: Yup.

    Sandbar: Kinda.

    Ocellus: How did you even get a hold of that outfit?

    Silverstream: I’m sure he probably kept one with all his other weird outfits.


    Yona: Griffon and friends don’t ware clothes. Makes any clothing weird in Yak books.

    Smolder: But you wear a rug. So doesn’t that make you weird too?

    Silverstream: And Smoldy wears ‘Celly’s neck-scarf! We’re all weird!
  • Ask #410
    Ocellus: Yay! Coral has come to visit! Come play with Auntie Silver and Auntie ‘Celly

    Gallus: Y’know. That’s the only time I’ve heard her refer to herself as ‘Celly. It looks like you’re rubbing off on her Silver.

    Silverstream: Good! Want to come see our classroom Corry?

    Coral: *nods eagerly*

    Yona: Why Sandbar not bring sister more often? Yona enjoys giving Yakback-rides!

    Sandbar: She’ll be starting school in a few weeks. Mum wants her to develop a proper routine before then.

    Smolder: So visiting us isn’t considered good enough for a routine?

    Sandbar: She wants to limit the amount of times she has to wipe a stallions weight in mud off of her on a weekly basis...

    Yona: *hmph* Spoilsport!