Ask the Student Six - Asks 431 - 440

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #431
    Gallus: Is it just me or did that explain nothing?

    Sandbar: It wasn’t just you

    Silverstream: Oooh, ‘Celly! Got any more unusual dragon facts?

    Ocellus: Um.... Dragons are historically known to charge into trees mouth-first in order to force large gems down their throats in order to prevent nearby dragons from stealing some.

    Smolder: *gags* Really? Sounds stupid

    Yona: Yona can practice with friend Smolder on her drying tree! Can exchange tips!

    Princess Ember: You have some strange friends.

    Smolder: You started it.
  • Ask #432
    Smolder: Ugh! History! That’s the last class I want to have extended

    Gallus: History isn’t that bad. We all learn a thing from history.

    Smolder: Such as?

    Yona: Dragon learnt not to listen to young ponies asking about fire breath.

    Sandbar: That was only a few weeks ago.

    Ocellus: Technically it’s counts as “recent history”,.

    Silverstream: If I write “history” twice on a page, does it mean I have rewritten history?

    Sandbar: That seems like a far safer way to do it than time travel...

    Starlight: On that we can agree.

    Twilight Sparkle: And longer history lessons sounds like a WONDERFUL idea!

    Smolder: *facedesk*
  • Ask #433
    Silverstream: So that's why I remember you making a ringing sound ‘Celly! I thought someone just put a bell on you!

    Ocellus: A bell? Why would someone do that?

    Sandbar: You do tread very lightly. You keep sneaking up on us.

    Gallus: I’m sure she does it deliberately.

    Yona: Why question asked about winter when almost summer? Makes no sense to Yona.

    Smolder: Why not? All’s fair in love and war.

    Ocellus: *Whines* Did you have to phrase it like that? Now I’m hungry...
  • Ask #434
    Smolder: I KNEW IT!

    Gallus: Shaddup.

    Sandbar: We’re kindred spirits, dude! I’ll help you catch it

    Silverstream: Yeah! Let the kitty be a kitty! We’ll help!

    Yona: Yona doesn’t understand Griffon’s fascination with light...

    Ocellus: It stirs up his predatory hunting instincts. Alert ears, wings half-deployed, claws raised. Classic signs of a ready-to-pounce Griffon.

    Gallus: Right. I’m eating all of your pillows like I said I would.
  • Ask #435
    Yona: Dragon get fat if she eats too many gems.

    Smolder: No I won’t

    Gallus: You kinda will,

    Ocellus: No she won’t

    Smolder: *munches* See?

    Sandbar: Care to explain?

    Ocellus: She’s eating an Aquamarine which contains beryllium. Dragons absorb the beryllium and it helps them modulate their own internal temperature. Dragon diet changes depending on their metabolism.

    Silverstream: So Smoldy eats gems to stop setting herself on fire?

    Smolder: Basically.

    Gallus: Still gonna get fat.

    Sandbar: Maybe she’ll just burn it off *snickers*
  • Ask #436
  • Ask #437
    Gallus: You seem to have a really`bad relationship with food.

    Sandbar: I don’t!

    Silverstream: Milkshakes!

    Yona: Ice cream.

    Ocellus: Pizza.

    Smolder: Gemstones.

    Sandbar: Wait! I’ve never eaten gemstones before.

    Smolder: *offers a clawfull* Want some?

    Sandbar: *pales*... Fine.., Add gemstones to the list.
  • Ask #438
    Silverstream: Stop? Never!!!

    Ocellus: Aaaie! *squeals*

    Smolder: I feel like we missed something.

    Sandbar: Yeah, I didn’t know ‘Cell was ticklish on her belly, I thought it was just her elbow and stifle.

    Smolder: Aside from that being useful information, I was more thinking of why is Silverstream giving her raspberries.

    Yona: Friend Silverstream isn’t giving friend Ocellus food. She tickling her.

    Gallus: She means blowing raspberries at her, Yona. Also it’s Silver, I don’t think we need to read into why she does things.

    Ocellus: S-somecreature stop h-her! *giggles*

    Gallus: Nah.
  • Ask #439
    Twilight: *frowns* I don’t want to have to deal with a party-cannon-initiated diplomatic incident. Again.

    Pinkie Pie: It was just three itty bitty party cannons

    Twilight: Which you fired at the ambassadors face! All at once!

    Pinkie Pie: Psshaw. He was fine.

    Twilight: A week later!

    Gallus: Y’know... Sometimes... just sometimes.... our teachers scare me.

    Ocellus: Y-yeah....

    Silverstream: What’re you talking about? They’re great!

    Smolder: Ponies never do anything half-way. It’s either dull or full blown crazy here.

    Yona: Yaks approve of Pink Pony. Yona side with her.

    Sandbar: I don’t think this is something we should be picking sides for...
  • Ask #440
    Sandbar: So. Who won?

    Silverstream: Huh? What do you mean?

    Sandbar: Well... you were racing, weren’t you?

    Gallus: Nah. Just flying very fast.

    Silverstream: I was flying fast Gally! You were just flapping like a fledgling!

    Gallus: Oh those are fighting words! Threetwoone GO! *zips off*

    Silverstream: Hey! No fair! *chases*

    Yona: Dragon and Changeling not going to race too?

    Smolder: I’m too lazy to fly that fast on a Friday for no purpose.

    Ocellus: And I can’t fly that fast so there’d not be much competition from me.

    Yona: Can’t changeling change into Griffon or Hippogriff then?

    Ocellus: That sounds more like cheating. I may as well turn into Professor Dash.

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