Ask the Student Six - Asks 451 - 460

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #451
    Silverstream Fluffyyyyyyy

    Ocellus: It’s amazing learning new things about Griffons?

    Silverstream: I thought you had all this written down from the textbooks you take out from the library?

    Ocellus: Well yes, but it’s different to hear it from somecreature in person!

    Yona: Changeling is weird sometimes...

    Sandbar: So if it’s colder, you get fluffier?

    Gallus: That’s putting it very simply but.... I guess so?

    Sandbar: *grins at Smolder* You thinking what I’m thinking?

    Smolder: *snickers* I’ll get the ice-cubes

    Gallus: ...Guys? What’re you whispering?
  • Ask #452
    Gallus: I don’t get it. How come that big fleece doesn’t overheat you?

    Yona: Yona sheds some of her fleece in summer.

    Sandbar: Yeah, but you still seem to have the same amount of it regardless!

    Silverstream: She’s a lot less sproingy when I glomp her in summer!

    Ocellus: Externally she won’t look different, but the undercoat is a lot thinner and means that less heat will make it from the outer coat inside.

    Smolder: That sounds way too complex for a Friday...
  • Ask #453 - Summertime Fun
    Gallus: Seriously. What is with water with the depth of a puddle here?

    Sandbar: Stop complaining Gally, and fight back!

    Silverstream: Hey Yona! Pass the ball to me!

    Yona: Yona can not.

    Silverstream: Awww.. Why?

    Smolder: Because it hasn’t come down yet. It’s still going up.

    Ocellus: And up...

    Gallus: And up...

    Sandbar: And up... Hey! There’s Professor Das- Oh...

    Smolder: At least the ball is coming back down...

    Yona: Friends with wings should probably try and catch Professor pony...
  • Ask #454
    Ocellus: D’aww. Sibling dynamics are always fun to watch!

    Gallus: Nyeh

    Silverstream: Don’t mind Terramar. He’s just being a grumpy so-and-so after losing our wrestling match. I swear I win faster and faster these days!

    Terramar : Clearly you’ve been eating too much in Equestria. You’re a lot heavier. Mind clambering off me so I don’t get wing-cramp?

    Silverstream: *pouts* I’m not fat!

    Yona: Hippogriff didn’t say fat. Just heavy.

    Silverstream: *whines* Yona!. I’m not heavier, right guys?

    Smolder: *shrugs*

    Ocellus: I don’t know...

    Gallus: No comment

    Sandbar: Yup

    Terramar: *snickers*
  • Ask #455
    Ocellus: I rolled a 17!

    Yona: Is that good?

    Ocellus: Um... I think so?

    Gallus: You sneak up to the guard who doesn’t detect your presence. Roll with how you handle him.

    Silverstream: Oooh. Good luck ‘Celly!

    Ocellus: *rolls a 2 and whines softly*

    Yona: Changeling did not roll good...

    Gallus: You slip on a patch of ice and promptly drop all your gold on the floor. After standing up, you then step on a rake and take two points in damage. The guard is now alert.

    Silverstream: Ouch!

    Ocellus: Where did the ice come form? It’s Summer!

    Smolder: Was the rake part really necessary?

    Sandbar: Probably not. I’m more curious as to what would’ve happened if she rolled a 1...
  • Ask #456
    Sandbar: *snickers*

    Gallus: And stop laughing!

    Silverstream: You do pull off ‘Cute’ surprisingly well for a Griffon though!

    Yona: Griffon tried to look cute when asking for chocolate

    Ocellus: *giggles* Remember that tail bow? Or the Cheer outfit-

    Gallus: No. I don’t remember those. And neither do you.

    Smolder: Pretty sure Sandbar snapped some pictures just for moments of denial like this.

    Gallus: You are all figments of my imagination!
  • Ask #457
    Ocellus: Why’re you inside Gallus? It’s really fun outside!

    Gallus: I don’t do rain.

    Yona: But Griffon was fine on the beach.

    Sandbar: Yeah, even if all your feathers got fluffy afterwards.

    Gallus: Yeah, but that’s the beach.On these silly marble school floors, Claws become ice-skates. And don’t get me started on cleaning off mud...

    Ocellus: It’s not that muddy.

    Silverstream: Oooh! I love ice skating! Can we do that in winter?

    Smolder: I’m surprised you’d let a simple thing such as the wrong season stop you from ice skating, Silver.

    Silverstream: Yeah... but where will I get enough Ice in the middle of Summer?

    Yona: Yakyakistan has ice. Best ice. Yak ice.

    Silverstream: *Squees*

    Sandbar: Don’t get her excited, Yona!
  • Ask #458
    Sandbar: Since you’re so unaffected by the heat, you can go to Sugarcube Corner and bring us some ice cream

    Ocellus: Oooh! Yes please Smolder!

    Smolder: Ugh... fine...

    Silverstream: You’re so lucky Smoldy! I have to put lots of coat protection when I have a bath to keep the sun rays safe!

    Smolder: Oh yeah, your coat is fairly short during the summer. Wasn’t that an issue when you were living in the ocean?

    Ocellus: I know when I go swimming, I get a lot more toasty than if I was lying on the grass!

    Silverstream: Nope! We were far enough underwater that the sun’s rays don’t really reach us. What about Griffons, Gallus?

    Gallus: There’s no such thing as sun in Griffonstone. Too much cloud cover.

    Yona: Griffon not considered being weathergriffon and clearing clouds for everycreature?

    Gallus: Nope.
  • Ask #459
    Sandbar: ALL OF THEM?

    Silverstream: ...Oops?

    Ocellus: I-I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    Gallus: Sandbar, weren’t you meant to clean our letterbox out of things we answered?

    Sandbar: .... Oops?

    Smolder: How on earth, Yona, does headbutting clean things?

    Yona: Trees at home get full of snow. Yona headbutts, snow off tree. Tree clean.

    Ocellus: To her credit, our inbox is spotless.

    Smolder: *faceclaw*
  • Ask #460
    Sandbar: C’mon ‘Cell! Wasn’t that Scary?

    Ocellus: Terrifying.

    Smolder: *snickers* I swear, ‘Cell does the driest sarcasm in school.

    Gallus: Present company excluded?

    Smolder: Included.

    Gallus: Traitor.

    Silverstream: Aww. such a cute ickle spider toy. Who made it?

    Yona: Maybe Griffon, since he likes stuffed toys?

    Sandbar: Who doesn’t?