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  • Ask #481
    Smolder: Why didn’t any of you tell me??

    Yona: Yona did tell. Dragon was sleeping.

    Sandbar: Ditto. You were napping.

    Silverstream: I tried, Smoldy, but you were snoozing so peacefully.

    Gallus: I didn’t. You were laughing when Silver attacked me in a wrestling move.

    Silverstream: It’s called a hug Gallus!

    Smolder: *pouts* I don’t sleep that much... Why didn’t you tell me about the homework ‘Cell?

    Ocellus: I was doing it in front of you in the library last week. I thought you were doing it too....
  • Ask #482
    Gallus: Yeah, yeah. I’m coming already, and I have the goods.

    Sandbar: So who’re we missing?

    Smolder: Yona and Silverstream are practicing swimming again.

    Gallus: “Practicing”. I swear Silver is drowning the poor girl.

    Ocellus: Yona’s getting a lot better at swimming I’ll have you know!

    Sandbar: Yeah but it’s getting colder. Surely swimming in this temperature must be the worst.

    Smolder: Yona’s basically immune to all things cold - and don’t knock Silver’s resistance either. Now enough yapping. I was told there’d be cupcakes?

    Silverstream: Did someone say Cupcakes? *glomps Ocellus idly*

    Ocellus: Eek! *falls over*

    Yona: Cakes best! *stomps and cheers happily*

    Gallus: Mentioning baked treats is like casting a teleportation spell with you two...
  • Ask #483
    Smolder: How long is that straw? It’s like, as tall as Gallus.

    Gallus: is not!

    Sandbar: It actually kind of is...

    Silverstream: It’s two straws together, silly!

    Ocellus: But... why? Can’t you just raise the glass closer to your mouth?

    Silverstream: But it increases the anticipation of milkshake! Which is the best part!

    Yona: Yona think Milkshake is better than anticipation of Milkshake. Ice-cream better than milkshake though!

    Gallus: Each to their own. I know Sandbar still won’t touch either.

    Sandbar: Shush!
  • Ask #484
    Silverstream: *Flails* Wait! Princess Caddy was here?

    Smolder: You mean Princess Cadence?

    Ocellus: Cadance

    Smolder: *groans* What’s the difference?

    Gallus: One’s the rhythmic flow of words or sounds. The other is a pink marshmallow.

    Yona: Pony isn’t marshmallow. Yona thought Griffon smarter than that.

    Sandbar: He’s making a funny, Yona. Plus you should see him try to eat marshmallows. It’s hilarious

    Gallus: *points at Sandbar* Shutty

    Silverstream: Why did no one tell me Caddy was here!?!?!?! *waves arms wildly* I want my Flurrysnugs!
  • Ask #485
    Gallus: Anything to say?

    Smolder: Nope?

    Sandbar: Smolllderrr....

    Smolder: Nope.

    Ocellus: *whines* Smoldy, where did you hide the treasure props. We need them!

    Smolder: Nope.

    Yona: Yona can just go check Smolder room. Dragon probably hid gems there.

    Smolder: *pouts* Nope

    Silverstream: If they’re not there, I know where to tickle her! *clicks claws together* Soooon..... We shall know all...

    Smolder: *sweatdrops* N-nope
  • Ask #486
    Ocellus: Oooh! I love stuffed toys! Where is it?

    Yona: *points at Gallus* Griffon has it. Since Griffon stole stuffed toy, Yona guess friends pick option A.

    Gallus: Griffon doesn’t ha-. I mean. I don’t have that inconsequential and fluffy toy.

    Sandbar: Fluffy, eh?

    Gallus: zip it Turtle.

    Sandbar: Bite me, Blue.

    Ocellus: I can never tell if you two are snippy at each other in a friendly way. or in a hostile way.

    Silverstream: Oh it’s totally in a not-hostile way! You see that crease above his left eye when Gally frowns? See how it gets bigger and bigger the more I explain his tells? Yeah! It’s totally chill right now.

    Yona: Ooooh. Yona see!

    Smolder: *crosses arms* I had so much respect for you, Gallus. *shakes her head* Way to let down the side.

    Ocellus: *prods Smolder's Belly* Says ‘Little Miss Dress-up’
  • Ask #487
    Ocellus: Last Week?? That’s disgusting!

    Smolder: No it’s not. It’s opportunistic.

    Silverstream: Ewww. You’re both gross Gally and Smoldy! Haven’t you heard of the three second rule?

    Gallus: Yeah. Three seconds and you forfeit it. Not forfeiting this cookie though...

    Yona: Also Griffon had three toys. Griffon stole princess toy from Dragon.

    Smolder: It wasn’t mine! I just happened to have it in my room...

    Sandbar: So you were in possession of it.

    Ocellus: She sometimes uses it as a pillow.

    Smolder: ‘CELL!