Ask the Student Six - Asks 81 - 90

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #81
    Sandbar: A goof huh? At least we know the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

    Silverstream: That’s what Smolder said too!

    Gallus: How come we didn’t get invited to this picnic?

    Yona: Griffon wanted to be invited to a picnic?

    Ocellus: Aww. Is Gallus finally showing his less-brash side?

    Gallus: Huh? What’re you talking about? Free food!
  • Ask #82
    Ocellus: So how long until Sandbar is back from the infirmary?

    Smolder: The nurse says no pony was designed to ingest that amount of cheese in such a short time.

    Silverstream: I don’t think Gallus helped matters

    Yona: No. Griffon VERY unhelpful

    Gallus: What? I just brought him a souvenir to keep him occupied.

    Yona: Griffon left big cheese wheel at foot of his bed!

    Gallus: Well… I WHEELY hope he makes a quick recovery.

    Sandbar: (from next room) THAT WAS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!
  • Ask #83
    Yona: How long changeling take?

    Ocellus: I don’t know! I don’t even know how you could tie a knot THIS advanced without a team of creatures to help.

    Yona: *pitiful whine*

    Smolder: I am so glad that spines and scales don’t need maintenance like this

    Gallus: So I keep seeing you filing your scales every other minute because…?

    Silverstream: Because she wants to look pretty!

    Sandbar: Could take a page out of her books and comb your feathers once in a while Gallus
  • Ask #84
    Sandbar: I feel like that was a bit anticlimactic

    Yona: Yona was prepared for proper battle!

    Silverstream: Yeah guys! Where was the action! The pizzazz! The fiery temper!

    Smolder: I guess he just conceded because he knew he’d lose

    Gallus: You breathe fire and my feathers are too flammable. I know how this goes by now.

    Smolder: Was that tail flick necessary?

    Gallus: You have thick scales. It wasn’t necessary. It just felt good.

    Ocellus: And with that, all your hard work was undone.
  • Ask #85
    Gallus: I’m torn between impressed and very very nervous

    Sandbar: Why’s that?

    Smolder: Well what you have here… is a VERY huggy Vampogriff

    Ocellus: Oh dear

    Yona: Er…. Yak left oven on!

    Silverstream: Heeeeeeeeeerrrreee’s SILVEY!
  • Ask #86
    Ocellus: Oh! And We love you all too! <3

    Gallus: She’s getting better at imitating us. I think that’s a cause for concern.

    Smolder: Don’t worry. No one can imitate you Gallus

    Silverstream: Ooooh! That was sarcasm, right?

    Yona: Yona will be the element of Yak!

    Sandbar: I don’t think that’s-

  • Ask #87
    Sandbar: Why is there a hole and a bite-mark in yours, Yona?

    Yona: Hole from horn when I ate canvas.

    Smolder: Yeah, but WHY did you eat the canvas?

    Yona: Yona hungry?

    Ocellus: Hey Gallus, that looks like the painting in Headmare Twilight’s office!

    Silverstream: Eeeeeee So you’re such a good artist Gallywally!

    Gallus: Never. Call me that. Again. Ever.
  • Ask #88
    Smolder: Oh Scales! Headmare Twilight is going to kill me!

    Yona: Quick! Changeling turn into cloud!

    Ocellus: A CLOUD?

    Gallus: Then you can rain on their parade too

    Sandbar: Time and a place, Gallus

    Silverstream: ooooh! Nice Bonfire! Is it meant to represent your inner passion and fiery spirit?

    Smolder: Er… Sure. It’s definitely that. Not just a fire. No-sir-ee
  • Ask #89
    Sandbar: Uhhh… Did anyone else get the number of that speeding train? *Falls over*

    Smolder: Wow. His head must be REALLY hard. He’s still breathing

    Yona: Sandbar is Ironpony? Ironpony no match for Ironwood!

    Ocellus: Actually I heard there is a thing called an Iron Pony contest! our professors once had one

    Gallus: Egghead and Appleflank?

    Silverstream: Oooooh! Who won?

    Ocellus: Headmare Twilight did when she was still a unicorn

    Gallus: I’m confused. The Bookworm beat the Athletes? I call fake.
  • Ask #90
    Sandbar: Hey Gallus! Fancy some Buckball? Vellum Codex, Soaring Virtue and Citrine Spark want to play against us!

    Gallus: Give me ten! I’m just finishing up here.

    Ocellus: Do you find it weird that other creatures have been watching us for seventy-five days!!

    Smolder: Nah. We’re cool like that.

    Silverstream: It is a little bit weird to have nearly nine-hundred people watching our antics…. But it’s so much fun!

    Yona: Hey Silver. Can Yona braid hair?

    Silverstream: CAN YOU? <3