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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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  • Page 70
    I like your new top. It brings out the colour in your eyes~
    Oh my god, Sunset! Stop!
  • Page 71

    I wanted my first time to mean something.
    I wanted it to be special.
    But for a long time, I just wasn’t ready.
    Sunset understood, so she waited.
    She didn’t ask, she didn’t pester, she didn’t even joke about it.
    She just waited, and let me take it at my own pace.

    Then, one summer’s night, we spent the evening after school studying at her place.
    It was raining, the lights were dim, and Sunset was playing our playlist for our study sessions. As the night went on, things felt tense.
    I was fidgeting, and my lungs were tight, making every breath short and loud.
    It didn’t escape her notice that I was distracted, so we closed the books and sat on her bed while she made sure I was okay.

    Before I knew it, my body was acting on its own.
    My hands moved over hers, fingers gently grazing up her arms, with my eyes locked onto her beautiful jades.
    My breathing intensified, and it wasn’t difficult to see her own was speeding up.
    I felt her hands reach around and clutch over my back, her fingers digging in against my spine.
    I pushed forward, despite every screaming voice in my head asking me what I was doing, and pressed my chest into her own, which only increased the tightness inside me.

    It was strange, and alien... but it felt so right.
    I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t want her to stop.

    It was a night of passion, and it was wonderful.

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