Our Town

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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Our Town

Cosmocatcrafts's description (Author)

DA Cosmocatcrafts is a US artist

Comic description

Clover Leaf grew up as a citizen of Our Town, the first ever cutie mark-free society in Equestria.

Life in Our Town was perfect. Everypony had food to eat, a job to do, and a cottage to live in. There were many, many rules - but that was okay, because was no poverty, homelessness or crime. Every day was predictable, life going on under the watchful benevolence of Starlight Glimmer and the rest of the Founders' Council.

When Clover turned fifteen, she and her classmates would undergo their Equalization Ceremony, becoming the first generation of ponies to ever grow up without cutie marks. Clover couldn't wait to have her own Equal Mark and be seen as an adult in her community.

But when Clover was thirteen, a new pony would move in to the village who would begin to plant doubts in Clover's mind about the philosophy she'd been raised on and the things she'd been lead to believe about Marked Society.

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