News - 🎂 🍰 Fifth birthday 🍰 🎂

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🎂 🍰 Fifth birthday 🍰 🎂

Added on Feb. 15 Mon. 2021 at 14:30
Happy Birthday CanterlotComics.

Like the previous year, the website don't change much.

The list of objectives from the previous year :
  1. Have an active team : Currently, I have the help from Neutralfire who help me much
  2. An user account management : not done or worked this year
  3. Update the graphic theme of the website : idem, not enough time/motivation to work on that
  4. Maybe more, but I don't want to set the objective too high
Like the previous year, the causes remain the same with little modifications.
For the first time, the website don't publish new MLP fanmade comic for one week, only one non MLP comic.

I work on Christmas holiday on redoing the Keyword feature.
This rework was greatly worked during this holiday but when the time to return to work come, it's hard to continue.
If you don't already know I'm a developer so I code the day and if I wont to work on CanterlotComics I have to work/code the evening and weekend too.
This is too much for me and even if I try to develop the keyword feature it's not finished.
But not finished doesn't mean this is cancelled, on the list :
  • Define the database storage : Done
  • Configure the list and keyword informations : Mostly done, just have to keep the list synchronized with the currently used and complete/sort the keywords (huge work to do on that)
  • Define/show the keywords on the comic description page : Started, show the list work, just have to add the database update
  • Search page : Hum ... this where the most work is to do, I have the list ready for computer screen, but not ready for mobile navigation, the filtering is left to do and all next things haven't be done due to this.
This feature is very important to me, because the keyword list as it works currently is simply unusable (just see the "Characters" category to understand what I want to say).
The new organisation will be in tree mode allow more flexibility and future sort (maybe set the universe filter with this).

So the main thing that block me to work on that is currently the work I have during the week.
On May, I will get some time to work on CanterlotComics (In France the month of May have usually 4 public holidays, this year is 2 but I have some paid holidays left to take.
I really (and not achieve this, impact my motivation at work) want to finish this feature and start a new era for the website.

Also, I open a Discord Discord server for CanterlotComics.
Even if it's not really active, some people are here to discuss.
What you can find on this Discord :
  • All news
  • All comic updates
  • Some exclusives news/fast news (I rarely add one)
  • Discuss about comics and artworks

I hope the next year news will be more happy news.
So for the next year, I try to :
  1. Finish the keyword freature
  2. Finish the hardware migration to enhance the performance of the server and maintenance
  3. Update the graphic theme of the website
  4. Have a team to help to maintain the website
I know 4 objectives is not a very high objective target, but I think it's more realistic to be done as I see what I can do from the previous years.

Thank you for reading this and stay update with the weekly news :)