News - 🎂 🍰 Third birthday 🍰 🎂

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
This is the fourth year of the website, you can see the summary here.

🎂 🍰 Third birthday 🍰 🎂

Added on Feb. 15 Fri. 2019 at 15:30
Art by BlazeMizu

CanterlotComics just have 3 years of life and I have not do much since the previous anniversary.

The most major problem is I have is the free time to manage the website.
With the help of the little team help me, I can be more reliable on the schedule of release new comics.
But, the team is too small to have a full schedule each week. Two main tasks are really important to help me they are :It seems a little task, but I work at least 14 to 21 hours per week on the website and the most of the time is to do that.

And this is the main cause of some discouragement to do many great thing :
  • Update the website design
  • Add new features (like other fandom filter, user account management, ...)
  • Enhance the server performance (sometimes, the pages can be very long to load due to this)
  • and more ...
Anyway the results are not bad, in 3 years :
  • Every day, an average of 1100 people visit the website for an average of 4.5 pages per visit (show updates, I supposed)
  • More than 1180 comics listed and readable on the website (more than 48400 pages in 4620 chapters)
  • New comics at least every Saturday and Sunday at least (often more)
  • Every day 5 to 10 comics update
  • And many things I can't be live without this website.
When I start the website, I can't think about this, but with the time (and some personal life experience), the motivation is not the same.

I always plan the future feature to do, they are not very new since the previous birthday news (2 years ago ...) :
  1. Expand the website to other fandoms (Steven Universe, Undertale, ...), I have to do this but it's not very easy to manage with the performance of the code behind the website.
  2. Make a little team can help me in the management of the website (update, new comics, ...)
  3. An user account management to do some other feature
  4. An announcement feature to help artists (special announcement, requests, ...)
  5. A comment section for the news
  6. A comment section for comics, but I currently prefer to let you go on the original page, it's easiest for the artists to check new comments, so I think about it.