News - W2022-35

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Added on Sept. 4 Sun. 2022 at 15:30

After returning to the work, the motivation gets low (not help with the extra hours I need to do this week).
Also after rethinking about the servers, I need to reinstall one of the servers (a problem between MySql and the Kernel that crash the machine each time it runs), so I need to move some (internal) services, save the configurations and redoing the whole setup ... many hours to do. (required to move some services including CanterlotComics)
And to not help, I take Saturday to clean some broken links and clean some tabs
And for Sunday I plan to upgrade my working computer to the latest version on Ubuntu (at least 3 hours of down time).
So for this weekend, I can't work on the servers nor the comics.

Also this week, the comic Rarity, Get Your Sword! reach its last page after a decade of story.

Have a good week :)