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The term francophonies appeared for the first time around 1880, when a French geographer, Onesime Reclus, used it to refer to all persons and countries speaking French.

It is time to put this term back into fashion! And for that, what can be better than adapting it to the universe of My Little Pony? Let us drop the "h" and speak now of Francoponies.

Francoponies is a group of active french websites dealing with the brands My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. This relational group aims to boost exchanges between webites and help each others in actions.

Francoponies includes the streaming webites FavIcon MLPFrance and FavIcon Need For Ponies, the meet-up listing FavIcon, the news websites FavIcon MLP Québec, FavIcon MLPRainbow and FavIcon Le Poney Blanc, the Minecraft server FavIcon Cube of Harmony and the Mastodon instance FavIcon Equestria.Social as well as the comics website FavIcon Canterlot Comics. The objective of each website is to provide to its viewers the best service in its field.

Between chitchat, questions for the websites and events, you can find all of these websites on the Discord Discord of the Francoponies.

Le poney blancSite d'actualité francophone
Equestria.socialFavIcon Equestria.Socialis a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present !friends.
My Little EquestriaSite de role play et d'activités créatives autour du thème : My little pony à l'époque de Starswirl, juste avant l'arrivée des alicornes.
C_Chell newsletterMy website for weekly newsletter