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I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.

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Added on Oct. 1 Sat. 2016 at 00:00

This not really a news, it's just a questions you can ask and I can already reply :
Currently work in progress.
    • Q : How the website works ?
    • A : todo
    • Q : How can I help ?
    • A : It's easy to help, there is so many things to do :
      • Draw Kimi as fan art if you want.
      • Too complicated ? You can help by complete informations of suggested comics (the first visit show you the rules, refresh the page to see the content).
    • Q : How did you stay updated ?
    • A : To follow a little amount of account (1981 DA gallery and 253 Tumblr), I use a custom RSS aggregator.
      So, while I can't permanent request on all accounts, I can have a little delay between a new content and the post on the website (from 8 to 48 hours depending of the activity of the account).
      But if you update (for new pages, I add them as soon as my aggregator notify me) a comic page, please send me a message to be more reactive.
    • Q : Why did you post more comics from DeviantArt than Tumblr or other ?
    • A : Usually on DeviantArt the comics are easiest to use, all pictures are one one image, usually on Tumblr, the artists use one image per piece of strip.
    • Q : What presentation did you prefer to manage a comic on DeviantArt
    • A : To help me to add and update a comic
      • It's easiest to me to have a gallery directory for the comic to add (if possible, ordered correctly to avoid the random jump of numerotation)
      • A coherent numbering for the pages (restart to 1 when a chapter start or a continuous numbering, but non hybrid)
      • I really prefer to have one consistent image for a strip than multiple pictures, the website is not manage to show each page correctly else.
    • Q : How did you pay the hosting charge for the website ?
    • A : Currently, I use my own money and time to host (including the domain name), update, add and request new comics for the website.
    • Q : How can I suggest a new comic to add ?
    • A : To suggest a new comic, you can follow this link after read the rules, you need to refresh the page to add a suggestion for the comic.
    • Q : What are the possible presentation for a comic ?
    • A : Currently, I have 2 main presentation modes
      • Show all pages (can be delayed by X days (configurable))
      • Show only the description page and make a link to the gallery
    • Q : Why sometimes you have problems with Deviantart ?
    • A : Sometimes (about 1.5 to 2 months), my RSS feeds aggrerator is blocked (or something like that) to get the RSS feeds from DeviantArt.
      This situation stay from 2 to 3 days and after that, it's restart correctly, but I have to get some days to recover all the waiting feeds
      For a technical point of view, it's the front guard of DeviantArt return me a 504 error after a long timeout.
      This happen very commonly and I already have an idea to see if it's just a "broken wire" from my server or if it's my IP was blacklist.
      I have to work to update my bot on this point, I can do if I have the time.