Ask Assassin 531 Pony - Asks 11 - 20

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #11.1
    Pinkie/241: Hello master, I’m here to say that me and the girls are a ok and that the attack that happened was perfectly under control, I made sure no one saw y’all and in the end me and the girls took down the beast.

    Master: Well done 241, as usual you have done a fine job, for that you may get 2 days off.

    Pinkie/241: !!YAY!!, THANK YOU”
  • Ask #11.2
    531: As for me sir I have done my job and captured the changeling spies, I believe you have already send others to collected them.

    Master: Yes, they are in our prisons and hopefully they will soon be redeemed and be able to join the creed, now for one more thing, how has the spell been for you.

    531: I can hear other ponies and they can hear me, it also appears they can send me stuff, tho so far it’s only been some lunch and a map.

    Master: Well I see no problem with that, as long as they don’t send you something dangerous I will slow it. As for your rewards you may go and rest and I’m assigning you a partner and that will be 241.

    Pinkie/241: !!YAY!!

    531: I work alone, I don’t want a partner.

    Master: the decision is final.

    531: Yes sir, one more thing master.

    Master: What is it.

    531: May I tell them my backstory, I feel like they will ask me at some point and I wish to tell them.

    Master: Yes, you may.

    531: Thank you.
  • Ask #12.1
    531: I’m going to sleep, Pinkie don’t forget to wake me up in the morning, now that we are partners we have to stay together even if we are not working.

    Pinkie/241: Okie Dokie Lokie
  • Ask #12.2
    531: Ouch
  • Ask #12.3
    531: I don’t know what this is, but it looks good to be used as a shuriken, tho it is a bit dull, meh nothing a bit of magic can fix, as for your apology I forgive you, no reason to hold a grudge.
  • Ask #12.4
    531: Well in my universe if a creature wants to turn into something else they will have to take in some of their characteristics, if those are Timber Wolves then they can burn easily as well they are scared of fire so that can take care of that, for the dragons cut of it’s wings make sure to take it in a small space so that it can’t move that much or go away, go for the throat or the heart, those are a dragons weak spots, as for your friend that is up you you and the rest, now I will go ahead and sleep hopefully Pinkie wakes me up.
  • Ask #13.1
  • Ask #13.2
    Pinkie/241: hehe, it’s 6:30 in the morning and it’s time to wake up Mr. Sleepyhead, PINKIE STYLE.
  • Ask #14.1
  • Ask #14.2
  • Ask #14.3

    531: Ouch
  • Ask #15.1
    Pinkie/241: It’s sad you have to keep hiding your true self all the time you have to go out.

    531: I got used to it, so where are we going, you said we where gonna do something “big.”

    Pinkie/241: You’ll see my new partner.

    531: I have a feeling it’s something I will not like.

    Pinkie/241: It won’t be I promise.
  • Ask #15.2
    Pinkie/241: That sounds like lots and lots of fun but right now we have to go to the bakery, I have a lot of orders and Ronnie here is going to help me.

    531: !I knew it!

    Pinkie/241: Wait I said that out loud, dang it, I wanted it to be a surprise.

    531: Well I have nothing better to do for today so, let’s just keep on walking before I change my mind.
  • Ask #16.1
    Pinkie/241: Here we are Sugarcube Corner, now lets go in and start baking.

    531: Just kill me now

    Pinkie/241: 😁If I do that then you won’t be able to help me😁

    531: That’s the point
  • Ask #16.2
    Pinkie/241: You know you like it, I can see that smile creeping up.

    531: Shut up, I don’t simile.

    Pinkie/241: 🎶I know your tickle spots🎶

    531: You do that and I will find a way to kick you out of the creed.
  • Ask #17.1
    Pinkie/241: And this will be order number 18 the very last one for today, thanks a lot for helping me Ronnie, it would have taken triple the time to do this if you didn’t help me.

    Ron/531: It’s not like I had a choice, we have to stay together no matter what now that we are partners.

    Pinkie/241: Well now I have to get these ready so when the ponies that ordered the come and get them, it wil go by faster and more efficient.
  • Ask #17.2
    Pinkie/241: 😃!Ooohhh customers!😃

    Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash: !Hey Pinkie!

    Pinkie/241: 😁Oh, hi girls😁
  • Ask #18.1
    Pinkie/241: Hey Twilight, it feels like forever since I saw you.

    Twilight: Pinkie it’s only been 2 days, I had work to do.

    Pinkie/241: yeah I know, but it still feels like a long time.

    Ron/531: Hey Pinkie I’m going to need your help here, I’m not the only one that made a mess back here.
  • Ask #18.2
    Ron/531: Oh Princess Twilight, why hello it’s an honor to see you and I see you have brought the rest of your friends, it’s a pleasure meeting them as well.

    Twilight: Oh umm hello, umm you don’t have to bow down to me, I’m not that important.

    Ron/531: Well, I will have to disagree with you, with such beauty and your reputation of saving Equestria multiple times, you deserve all the respect that comes your way.

    Twilight: *Now blushing a bit* Well thank you.
  • Ask #18.3
    Rarity: Well well well, who are you and what’s you’re name.

    Ron/531: Oh I’m sorry, the name is umm… Ron, short for Silver Rondel, tho Pinkie likes to call me Ronnie for some reason.

    Rarity: You don’t say, well tell me what where you two doing back their that made a mess.

    Ron/531: I was helping her complete some orders, she needed help and I helped her.

    Rarity: Anything else, hmmm

    Ron/531: If you think I’m in a relationship with your friend then I can assure I’m in no such thing, I’m only her friend,

    Pinkie/241: It’s true, he is just a friend

    Rarity: So your single hummm, why don’t we get to know each other, and maby you can introduce me to your parents, hmmm.

    Ron/531: My parents are dead, they had to leave me because I was in grave danger the moment I was born, I have never meet them.
  • Ask #18.4
    Rarity: Oh oh my I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to, I just assumed—

    Ron/531: No need to apologize, I know you meant well and you didn’t know, but the ponies who raised me said my parents where always proud of me and of what I have accomplished in my life. Also I’m not looking for a marefriend, for now I rather help as many ponies as I can, anyways I still have to introduce my self you your other friends.
  • Ask #19.1
    Ron/531: You must be Rainbow Dash, the element of loyalty and soon to be Wonderbolt.

    Rainbow Dash: Yup that me and from what I heard your name is Silver Ronbel, I’m not sure I like that so I’m just going to call you Silver

    Rarity: Rainbow Dash don’t be so rude, I brought up a delicate subject a little while a go and now your making fun of his name.

    Ron/531: It’s ok Miss. Bell, Pinkie was actually the one that game me that nickname and I just went along with it, if Miss. Dash want to call me something else, then that’s ok, also it’s not much of delicate subject as you think, so you may rest that beautiful face of yours and calm do please.

    Rarity: *Blushes hard and faints for a few seconds*

    Rainbow Dash: Wow, that was dramatic, anyways don’t call me that, it makes me feel old, just call me Rainbow.
  • Ask #19.2
    Ron/531: As you wish Rainbow, it’s a pleasure I have meet you.

    Rainbow Dash: Same here.
  • Ask #20.1
    Ron/531: Now lets see here, well you must be Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness

    Fluttershy: Meep *hides even further into her mane and becomes a tighter ball*

    Ron/531: I know you are really shy, so I will give your space and wait till you calm down. Now on to the final of the mane six, Applejack.
  • Ask #20.2
    Ron/531: Element of Honesty and an apple farmer from the well known place of Sweet Apple Acres if I’m not mistaken.

    Applejack: Yes sir, it’s a pleasure meeting you too partner.

    Ron/531: Yes, it is a pleasure getting to meet one of the strongest ponies here in Ponyvill

    Applejack: Ah shucks you don’t have to be such a gentlecolt to me, I’m just glad to meet a new pony to be friends with.

    Ron/531: Comming from one of the most honest ponies out their, I too am happy to be your friend.