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I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.

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Added on Feb. 15 Thu. 2024 at 15:30
Happy Birthday CanterlotComics.

After a pause the past year, the comics was again added since the 2023-04-23.
Since this date, 89 comics were added (59 English, 30 other languages, mostly Spanidh and Russian).
So now, the website current list 1911 comics publicly accessible.

I also create a tool to add in bulk a Tumblr blog that's help to add at least 6 comics only in one afternoon instead of many days before.

Due to personal reasons(some events drop my motivation a little bit so I concentrate on some more important projects), I can't make plans to enhance the website in this year.
Just I still adding new comics on the website, but at the rate on 1 to 3 comics per week (some exception can happen).

Hope the new year will be better than it start :)