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Added on June 26 Sun. 2022 at 15:30

Currently, on the 2022-07-09 a little hiatus of new comics (the comics already on the website will be still updated) will come.
The main reason, is to help me to find some time to manage the servers (I not only host CanterlotComics, I also host some private websites/services and other public ones, like Equestria.Social (a Mastodon instance) and (my newsletter website).
So to make all of them to work well I have to change on the base the website and services I host. (you can see CanterlotComics sometimes take too many times to load, this is because some services are very heavy to host on the same machine)
I can't promise it will solve everything, but it's a needed way to enhance the situation.
The current step I have are :
  • Enhance the base communication lines between servers (done, took a month, just the documentation left to do)
  • Correctly setup the frontal servers (can took 2 to 3 weeks I think)
  • Reassign the services between the servers (not known how much time it will take, the current server is not on a good base to estimate that)
  • Make the save for the the datas better (no planning currently set)
This week, 2 comics are released (in the publication order) :Have a good week :)