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Added on May 14 Sun. 2023 at 15:30

After nearly 2 weeks of a blocked access to the RSS of DeviantArts, I manage to use the API of DeviantArt. Now I need to let the bot to re-get all the content passed, I think it will take 10 days at least.
And for the people who ask "why use RSS feeds instead of the API or directly the watch feature ?", the reasons are (but not limited to :
  • When a user deactivate its account or emptied the gallery I have a clear notification on my RSS feeds (no content in the feed is an error)
  • When a user change the name, it relist all the gallery so I got a notification when the username change
  • I can easily add a new account to follow, even in bulk addition
  • I can check easily if I follow an artist from CanterlotComics (not found in the RSS feeds follow -> warning)
  • No need to be connected to a DeviantArt account to see what's new (only one point where I can see new content, Youtube, DeviantArt, Tumblr, news website, ...)
  • And a custom interface not constraint by the company wishes (I've got notification from all content, nobody can filter what I like to see and hide the rest)
This week, 3 comics are released (in the publication order) :Have a good week :)