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Added on Mar. 31 Sun. 2024 at 15:30

Due to personal/work things I have to manage, a little loss of motivation and majorly a huge need to maintain my servers (I'm really 3 to 4 weeks late on too many things to do), I pause the new regular additions of new comics, for the next 3 weeks, there is already some comics scheduled on Friday, maybe I will add some later or from time to time, but no guarantee.
At least about the servers :
  • Move one server that the hoster will decommissioned in the end of the year (including all services host on it) to another server
  • Install and configure a new server (see the line before)
  • Move some services from a current server to the new (as you see the server have some trouble to serve the pages and images in time)
  • Configure a new supervision system on all server I manage

This week, 2 comics neach their last page :
And 2 comics are released (in the publication order) :Have a good week :)