Revolution of Harmony

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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Revolution of Harmony

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Skikey's description (Art (from Chapter 2 page 26))

DA Skikey is an Australian artist.
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CandyClumsy's description (Art (up to Chapter 2 page 25))

CandyClumsy is an Australian artist.

Rated R Ponystar's description (Story)

DA Rated Ponystar is a US writer.
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Comic description

Revolution of Harmony takes place 400 years after the series where the Mane Six have long since passed away.
Instead of the continuation of the values of friendship and harmony that Equestria has long since principled it has become a dictatorship that controls the world and has sent up other lands as "districts".
All ruled under the control of the "Empress Of Equestria".
Those who rule the districts are either absolute loyal to the Empress or manipulating things to their own end.
While not everybody in the world is suffering, especially certain cities and areas that have importance, there are many who live in fear, treated poorly, and fight for scraps.
Rebellions and bandit groups are constant, but few ever really succeed in overthrowing their district overlords.

The story follows Spike the Dragon, now around 450 years old, who is a wandering mercenary under the name of Strider.
He's become disillusioned with the world and is haunted by his mysterious past.
So he's travels with the goal of everyday survival by acting as a merc.
However, during one job, he learns that the Elements of Harmony aka his friends, have decided to leave the afterlife and reincarnate themselves with the hopes of restoring harmony to the world and Spike is tasked to find them and unite them together again.
All while preparing a final rebellion to over throw the Empress of Equestria and restore peace to the world.

I have the permission from the author.