5 Things You Didn't Know About

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About

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Bloodatius's description (Art)

DA Bloodatius is an artist.

Aschenstern's description (Art)

DA Aschenstern is a German artist.
Also you can visit her YT Youtube page.

TertonDA's description (Art)

DA TertonDA is an UK artist.

Neko-me's description (Art)

DA Neko-me is a Hungarian artist.
You can also see his Inkbunny Inkbunny profile, Tb his Tumblr and support him on Patreon Patreon.

SSlug's description (Art)

DA SSlug is a US artist.

Yogfan's description (Art)

DA Yogfan is a US artist.
You can support her on Patreon Patreon and follow on Derpibooru Derpibooru, redbubble Redbubble, Youtube Yoube channel, colorslive ColorsLive, Tumble Tumblr and on wattpad Wattpad

MustachedBain's description (Art)

DA MustachedBain is an Malaysian artist.

JeyJeymohr's description (Art)

DA JeyJeymohr is a US artist.
You can follow him on Tb Tumblr.

InfernalExplosive's description (Art)

DA InfernalExplosive is a US artist.
You can visit his old profile DA DaemonBomb-Inc.

RuthAwesome19's description (Art)

DA RuthAwesome19 is a US artist.

Red4567-2's description (Art)

DA Red4567-2 is a US artist.

OliveCow's description (Art)

DA OliveCow is a US artist.

Calamity-Studios's description (Art)

DA Calamity-Studios is US artist.

Bonaxor's description (Art)

DA Bonaxor is a polish artist.
You can help him on his Patreon Patreon.

xXAngeLuciferXx's description (Art)

DA xXAngeLuciferXx is an artist.
You can visit his Extern Pixiv profile.

Wadusher0's description (Art)

DA Wadusher0 is an artist.
You can support him via Patreon his Patreon.

Shuji Wakahisa's description (Art)

CandyClumsy's description (Art)

DA CandyClumsy is an Australian artist.

Rated R Ponystar's description (Story)

DA Rated Ponystar is a US writer.
You can support him on his Patreon Patreon page and explore his FF FimFiction profile.

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It's time to know more about your favorite ponies.

I have the permission from the author.