Ask the Student Six - Asks 101 - 110

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #101
    Silverstream: SO? How AMAZING and HEROIC did you make me look?

    Gallus: Er…..

    Smolder: Super heroic. Definitely. Too heroic for we mortals to view.

    Yona: Wait. Didn’t Dragon-

    Ocellus: Shhhhhh

    Sandbar: Guess she should’ve quit whilst she was ahead
  • Ask #102
    Ocellus: Zzzzzzz

    Gallus: Someone’s tired

    Smolder: Maybe you should do the spider thing to her like you did to Yona!

    Yona: That not funny. Made Yona feel very sc- er… Angry at friends.

    Sandbar: I’m not sure she’d be really troubled by spiders though. Didn’t her Hive used to be mostly underground? Lots of insects must’ve been there!

    Silverstream: You know what this calls for? Field Trip to the Changeling Kingdom!

    Gallus: I don’t think the school has funds for a school trip THAT far.
  • Ask #103
    Gallus: Where does she come from anyway?

    Sandbar: We don’t know. She just mysteriously appears from inside Princess Twilight’s castle.

    Silverstream: Maybe she lives in the basement like some super-secret pony spy!

    Smolder: Wouldn’t she stand out a lot with that bright colour scheme?

    Yona: Less her than Professor Dash.

    Ocellus: Maybe she’s a secret prisoner and is kept inside a magic dampening cell! That’d explain why her magic is so distracting!

    Gallus: Or she comes from a different world

    Ocellus: Now you’re just teasing me *harrumphs*
  • Ask #104
    Smolder: Anycreature else notice how they never actually came to a final conclusion.

    Gallus: If anything, Yona made Trixie give ground.

    Yona: This why Yaks best negotiators. Yaks always get results.

    Sandbar: Results. yes. Best results? Not always. Case in point: Our last test results.

    Silverstream: Hey Yona! Do you want to study together again?

    Ocellus: Yeah! We’re going to the fountain outside whilst it is still warm.
  • Ask #105
    Gallus: What sort of weight is “Yaktonnes”

    Yona: Yaktonnes is weight of Yak leader!

    Sandbar: So it’s a universal weight constant… that CHANGES?

    Yona: What Sandbar so confused about? Ponies measure thing in hoofs. No two pony have exact same hoof size.

    Smolder: Yeah, but a Hoof doesn’t change its size based on the last meal you ate. Ouch!

    Ocellus: Stop being a wimp. You’re a dragon. You can take a few scratches.

    Smolder: Not when you shove this BURNING LIQUID into my EYE!!

    Silverstream: Oh sorry! That was me. It’s been so long since I helped with First Aid! Underwater you don’t have to worry about things getting into your eye because *snort* you’re already Underwater and WATER is in your eyes all the time. Groundcreatures have things so much more differently.
  • Ask #106
    Gallus: What were you hunting in the bottom of Ponyville Lake for?

    Ocellus: We’re gathering shells for a project! Silver is AMAZING at making decoration with them.

    Yona: Can Yona see pretty shells?

    Smolder: Yeah! That sounds cool.

    Silverstream: Oh, these are nothing compared to the ones we have in Seaquestria! Those ones look like they’re made of Glitter! SO SPARKLY!

    Sandbar: Sparkles are good!
  • Ask #107
    Gallus: Flying feathering flapping falcons - WHAT WAS THAT FOR?


    Gallus: I’M ON YOUR TEAM!

    Smolder: Aaaand Yona’s out too. So; now that we’ve easily crushed you at Dodgeball, how about Diamond Bulldogs?

    Ocellus: I feel I’m going to be REALLY bad at this next game.

    Silverstream: Ooooh is that the game where you glomp everyone??

    Sandbar: Yeah. Let’s go with glomping. Just no flying is allowed!
  • Ask #108
    Sandbar: Why do you want to know about Equestrian Ironwood anyway? I thought Yakyakistani was better

    Yona: Oh! It is! But Yona needs to practice making something for secret special Snildar festival project. using Ironwood! If Pony has something like it, Yona doesn’t need to leave school to get more!

    Gallus: What’re you making?

    Silverstream: Gallus! Don’t you know it’d rude to pry into other creatures presents?

    Gallus: Eh? It’s not for me. It’s not rude if I was just asking. *Hmphs*

    Ocellus: How do we test if Equestrian Ironwood similar to Yakyakistani Ironwood?

    Smolder: I propose a durability test. We just get Sandbar to turn around, BAM, and see how many hours he’s unconscious for.
  • Ask #109
    Silverstream: Thorax is so tall and regal! Wait a second!

    Yona: What is it?

    Silverstream: How come you don’t have horns, Ocellus?

    Ocellus: Um… I do have a horn. But I assume you mean Antlers

    Sandbar: Oh yeah! I never really noticed. Bit of a big difference

    Smolder: Yeah! They look awesome. You can charge at each other and have antler-battles

    Gallus: That sounded way cooler until you put it into words.

    Ocellus: It’s not such a big deal. It’s like with Deer, the males have antlers but the females mostly do not. Also, ouch. Antler-battles sound painful.
  • Ask #110
    Yona: WOOHOO! WE BEST!

    Smolder: Wait. We got this many people to follow us and WITHOUT crushing all who are weak before us? Ponies are weird

    Gallus: They come for the books and stay for the birb *Flex*

    Ocellus: *giggles* What did you just call yourself?

    Silverstream: He called himself a birb!

    Gallus: N-no I didn’t!

    Sandbar: What even is a birb? It sound like you burped but tried to hide it.