Ask the Student Six - Asks 221 - 230

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #221
    Yona: Why would Griffon take somecreatures chocolate without asking?

    Sandbar: Unlesss....

    Silverstream: He thought they were meant for him. It makes perfect sense! Why else would he eat chocolates from a heart shaped box?? Who’s the lucky bird, Gallus?

    Gallus: What’re you taking about. The box wasn’t heart shaped.

    Sandbar: It totally was.

    Gallus: No. It was SPADE shaped. You’re looking at it the wrong way around. Griffons enjoy card games. We’ve got great poker faces.

    Ocellus: Well clearly you don’t, with that expression..

    Smolder: Probably because he was the birdbrain who kept losing all the time.
  • Ask #222

    Silverstream: They’re upgraded! I did it myself!

    Smolder: We know. That's why we came to you directly.

    Yona: Yes! Yaks don’t mind snow, but Yaks not fans of water.

    Ocellus: I don’t mind a little bit of water. I don’t have a body coat or a mane so it’s not a real issue for me. Just cold, I guess.

    Silverstream: Ooooo I can fix that! Want me to make it pump out warm water.

    Sandbar: I have the feeling that if you did, It’d probably fire boiling water at everycreature..

    Smolder: *grumbles* Well this water is making me produce smoke *coughs* So it’s good you didn’t mess with the sprinkler system.

    Silverstream: Oh, I upgraded those first actually.

    Gallus: .... oh feathers...
  • Ask #223
    Ocellus: Owie

    Smolder: Feeling better now?

    Ocellus: No! You whacked me with your tail!

    Sandbar: Aww. I had ten bits on Smolder being too afraid to hurt Ocellus to stop her.

    Gallus: You clearly don’t know Dragons. The only thing they treasure are gems.

    Silverstream: Now that’s not fair. Ocellus is a Gem in and of herself!

    Yona: Plus she has those Changeling memory gems.

    Smolder: Yeah, I tried those. They didn’t taste as nice.

    Ocellus: *harrumphs*.
  • Ask #224
    Gallus: So. Serious question. How long does everyone spend on their looks? ‘Cause i’m rocking a five minute shower then a three-second feather tussle.

    Smolder: Yeah. That’s pretty obvious. Well back home I’d just flop into a lava pool and the dirt would just melt off me.

    Ocellus: Well, I was asked to fit in so it only takes me about as long as a regular Pony. Although drying isn’t as big an issue. Chitin is best!

    Silverstream: You’re telling me! Turns out transformation doesn’t solve wet manes *pouts* So it takes me a lot longer. About an hour?

    Yona: Yona takes as long as Yona needs. Yaks don't waste time.

    Sandbar: Well I last clocked myself at taking at least ninety minutes.

    Silverstream: Wowie! Why so long?

    Gallus: Heaven forbid a strand is out of place

    Sandbar: Gotta keep my mane in it’s awesome state. It doesn’t do it itself y’know? I knew you’d understand G!

    Gallus: *facedesk*
  • Ask #225
    Gallus: You have the weirdest thinking face, Silverstream. Like, hatchling-terrifying in ways i could not imagine. No offence.

    Silverstream: Aww. That’s not a nice thing to say *sniffs*

    Yona: Griffon will apologise! That is mean thing to say.

    Sandbar: But it’s a very -Gallus- thing to say.

    Ocellus: Lots of creatures look a little bit silly when they think hard. I’m sure even Gallus has a silly face too when he thinks.

    Smolder: That implies he thinks.

    Gallus: Hey. I said no offence!
  • Ask #226
    Ocellus: You shouldn’t have stayed up all night with Sandbar planning characters for our next session! Your light was still on at 2am!

    Gallus: How do you know it was on? Why were you awake?

    Silverstream: Well duh, she was with me, planning our characters!

    Sandbar: *yawns* Well why aren’t you two tired?

    Yona: Friend Silverstream is almost never tired. She bounces more than a... really bouncy thing!

    Smolder: And Ocellus probably just drank from Silver’s enthusiasm. Explains how much energy she had today in class.
  • Ask #227
    Smolder: Didn’t we -technically- skip classes during the whole “World ending magic” crisis thing?

    Ocellus: No! Because there weren’t any official staff members to take lessons, ergo the lessons were not -official-.

    Gallus: That really sounds like an excuse not to say “We skipped class to save the world”.

    Ocellus: We didn’t skip class!!!

    Yona: Yona not good at skipping. She just didn’t turn up.

    Silverstream: Yeah! Skipping classes can be fun! Remember the first day of school? When we skipped lessons to go to the lake?

    Ocellus: Considering the school was CLOSED and it was RE-OPENED, I don’t think that counts.

    Sandbar: I think you’re in denial, ‘Cell.
  • Ask #228
    Yona: Besides. Yaks more aerodynamic than Pony. Yona cannot move as quickly in small pony body.

    Gallus: How does that even work? Surely Yaks should be slower.

    Yona: Yaks pure concentrated strength. Pony like feather. Yak like rock. Rock flies further and faster than feather.

    Sandbar: At least her priorities haven’t changed. Still the same Yak we know.

    Silverstream: Although you are REALLY ADORABLE as a pony, Yona! Not that you're not equally adorable as a Yak.

    Smolder: Is anyone else not going to mention how there are now TWO award statues of Yaks lying around the campus.

    Ocellus: Oh dear...
  • Ask #229
    Smolder: Flames take you, I work my tail off at this school!

    Ocellus: That’s true! She’s always with us during study groups!

    Gallus: Doesn’t that just mean she’s bad at lessons if she needs a group for everything?

    Sandbar: Kind of biting yourself in the flank there, since you’re at just as many groups as her.

    Gallus: I know my own failings.

    Silverstream: Speaking of which, does anyone have the answer to question 3: “What makes a friendship 20% cooler?”

    Yona: Yona just put 'snow'. Snow usually makes things cooler.

    Silverstream: Seems legit!
  • Ask #230
    Ocellus: Awww. That’s so sweet!

    Yona: That explains why friend Sandbar keeps taking photos when friends all together!

    Gallus: It does. If only he could turn off the Flash - I’m starting to develop epilepsy...

    Sandbar: Oh yeah, What did you want to be after school?

    Silverstream: I want to be meeeeeeeeeeee!

    Smolder: Same - but bigger. Gallus’ ambition is clearly to become a stand up comedian.

    Yona: Yona want to continue to be Yak!

    Ocellus: I don’t know what I’d like to be...

    Gallus: Probably a book.