Ask the Student Six - Asks 371 - 380

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #371
    Sandbar: Do you mind putting it back?

    Silverstream: Aww but it looks so nice this way!

    Gallus: It doesn’t even close anymore! It’s not even a door, it’s more like a curtain!

    Yona: Silly Gallus. Curtains made of fabric, not wood.

    Ocellus: Well technically, blinds can be made of wood.

    Yona: But Griffon said curtains, not blinds.

    Smolder: Touché.

    Gallus: FIX IT!

    Silverstream: Okay okay! Don’t shed all your feathers. Now where did I put my screwdriver...

    Sandbar: *facehoof*
  • Ask #372
    Silverstream: Omigosh you have leg warmers too?? Also where is the lolly from?

    Gallus: Um... yeah? Sandbar got all of us some after the holidays. The lollies are in a box of them in the common room.

    Silverstream: Yeah but I didn't know you’d actually wear them!?! That’s so cool!

    Sandbar: Actually... neither did I. What’s the deal?

    Gallus: There is ice outside. And legs are the least-protected part of a Griff’s body. And at least with leg-warmers, I don’t have to worry about shredding the ends with my talons.

    Yona: So Gallus is chilly?

    Smolder: I could warm you up if you want.

    Ocellus: *gasps* Smolder! Stop trying to set fire to Gallus! He didn’t even do anything wrong this time.

    Smolder: *blinks* Eh? I was just going to get the hearth going...

    Ocellus: *blushes* Oh... oopsie.

    Yona: Griffon would burn too quickly anyway. Hearth is better.
  • Ask #373
    Ocellus: Yay!

    Yona: Yay!

    Smolder: Gallus?

    Gallus: Myeh. They’re not bad. But re-arranging your feathers afterwards is a nuisance if you want to fly straight.

    Silverstream: I can help you if you want Gally!

    Sandbar: I never really got the difference between your wings. I mean, Silver’s feathers seem stronger

    Gallus: Maybe I’ll explain later.

    Ocellus: Oooh! Can I take notes?

    Smolder: I’d be shocked if you didn’t.
  • Ask #374
    Silverstream: You look so pretty Smoldy!

    Ocellus: Yeah! You should wear it out and about!

    Smolder: Nope and double nope. Maybe if everycreature was also getting kitted up for some big event but on my own and in public? Nopety nope.

    Yona: What dragon mean about fabric being heavy? Yona thought dragon was strong!

    Smolder: *pouts* I am strong. But Professor Rarity uses heavy fabrics to align the fabric with the contours of your physique or whatever. But my tail isn’t meant to be pushed down. So she needs to find some lighter fabrics or give me a slip for my tail to escape from.

    Silverstream: I love the broach for your silk sash too! It’s the Friendship School emblem, isn’t it?

    Yona: Yona think it looks like a spare Headmare Twilight flank mark.

    Ocellus: Well I guess the two are similar in conceptual design...

    Sandbar: You understanding any of this clothing discussion G?

    Gallus: Not one bit.
  • Ask #375
  • Ask #376
    Silverstream: At least he said good intentions... right?

    Smolder: I actually found his talk interesting. Then it became... Gallusified... towards the end

    Gallus: Myeh. Was worth a shot. Changeling wings don’t make all that much sense to me. They look too fragile to provide lift at all!

    Ocellus: My wings beat at a far faster rate than yours do. Griffons and Hippogriffs flap at around 2-3 flaps a second when hovering. I’d have to beat my wings at closer to 100-200 times.

    Yona: Wow! So changeling moves really fast when hovering!

    Sandbar: Sounds exhausting. What happens when you get tired whilst flying?

    Gallus: Eh. We wing it.
  • Ask #377
    Silverstream: Me! I’m a good Hippogriff! *mumbles*

    Ocellus: Wh...what’s she doing?

    Smolder: Daydreaming. You can always tell by how her ears flick.

    Yona: Dragon know a lot about Hippogriff’s “tells”.

    Smolder: You pick up a lot after sharing a dorm with someone. I’m sure you and Ocellus have tons of habits each other can tell.

    Gallus: I don’t think guys pick up on leads the same way. I can’t think of many habits Sandbar has.

    Sandbar: You twirl your tail clockwise when you’re having a good dream, and swish it side to side when you’re having a bad one.

    Gallus: wha-?
  • Ask #378
    Smolder: Is “Yak” even a number?

    Yona: Of course! Yak is best number. That's why Yona pick it.

    Gallus: Um... But where is Yak on a scale of 1 to 10?

    Yona: At the best end!

    Ocellus: So... It’s a 10?

    Yona: BEYOND 10! 10 is nothing to Yak!

    Silverstream: But if Yak is beyond 10, then it’s not on a scale of 1 to 10.... right?

    Sandbar: I think the more we question this logic, the more likelihood Smolder will change hers to a 9.

    Gallus: I’m surprised it was a 10 to begin with. I thought she’d at least hold a vindictive 8 over my head after hiding her gem stash in Professor Rarity’s classroom.
  • Ask #379
    Smolder: Why do I get the feeling you wrote that question yourself, Gallus?

    Gallus: You wound me, my lovely Smolder. I would not dare write such a question.

    Sandbar: Yeah. It’s far more grammatically correct than you.

    Gallus: *pouts and throws some popcorn at Sandbar* Don’t be a butt. You’re next, ‘Cell. Pick a question aimed ar you then answer or move back a place.

    Ocellus: Why do I have a feeling I’m going to get a really silly question... *rummages into the bowl of quiz questions*

    Yona: What question changeling get?

    Silverstream: *peers over Ocellus* “Oh Amazing Smolder, How is it that you are the most deadly dragon in the Dragonlands”. That sounds just like Gallus’ question!

    Smolder: Uhm... what a... unique question! I think th-that belongs in my bowl...

    Gallus: *deadpans*

    Smolder: .... Okay I may have written that one for myself
  • Ask #380
    Smolder: Wait. Is that book titled “The Science of Snuggle”?

    Gallus: Why even was such a book written?

    Sandbar: Clearly so troglodytes like you two can learn a thing or two! I’ll read with you, ‘Cell!

    Silverstream: *bounces* Me too! Me too! I want to read the book about snuggling!

    Yona: Yona does not need book to know how hug work! Yaks know best. But Yona stay with friends.

    Ocellus: *giggles* You’re all big softies.

    Smolder: -Says the most saccharine one of us.

    Ocellus: *pokes tongue out*