Ask the Student Six - Asks 231 - 240

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I'm not the author of all of those comics.
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  • Ask #231
    Smolder: How much did you even eat that night?

    Silverstream: Enough!

    Sandbar: Each time I saw you - except at the dance at the end, you were munching on something or other.

    Yona: Where Hippogriff find room for all the food?

    Ocellus: Maybe she is able to harness her transformation energy so she can essentially eat twice before feeling full.

    Silverstream: That sounds really fancy! I should try that!

    Gallus: Or what is more likely, she burns a ridiculous amount of energy just by simply existing so she never puts on weight.

    Ocellus: That.... actually sounds more plausible...
  • Ask #232
    Sandbar: Why were you playing cards, anyway?

    Gallus: To see who didn’t have to dance.

    Yona: Why? There were four creatures. Why not all dance together?

    Smolder: Because Silverstream was too busy eating her body-weight in sugar to be considered a safe nomination to dance with..

    Silverstream: Yuh-huh! Oh my, you guys! You should’ve seen Celly and Smolder come up with every excuse not to dance. It was priceless!

    Ocellus: I’m going to just crawl into a cocoon and never come out...
  • Ask #233
    Silverstream: Awwww. Who can say no to those eyes?

    Gallus: Me.

    Sandbar: Dude, why’re you so cold on Yona?

    Ocellus: Ooooh! I remember why!

    Gallus: Don’t say it.

    Smolder: I remember too *snerks* The last time she chased after a stick, she grabbed your tail and ran through three hedges!

    Yona: Griffon looked like porcupine!

    Gallus: It was four hedges. And a pond. Also shut up.
  • Ask #234
    Sandbar: Almost there! Almost there! *bounces around*

    Gallus: So what’s the big deal about two thousand?

    Silverstream: Rumour has it that a big bug will come and destroy everything everyone holds dear at 2000!

    Smolder: Wait. Really?

    Yona: Yona doesn’t want big bug to come! Can we not reach 2000? Maybe go to 1000 where it’s safe?

    Smolder: Don’t worry. We only have a small bug to be worried about.

    Ocellus: Hmph *grumps* Not that small.

    Gallus: No creature has answered my question properly yet!?!
  • Ask #235 - 2000 Follower Thank You Picture
    Yona: Yay! 2000! And there are no big bugs!

    Ocellus: So what’s our next goal? 3000?

    Smolder: Pfft. You think too small, little ‘ling. Now, we aim for A MILLION!

    Gallus: Isn’t that aiming a little bit -too- high?

    Sandbar: I reckon she aimed that high so we don’t need to do milestone posts anymore.

    Silverstream: Oooooh. You’re such a smart cookie, Smoldy.

    Ocellus: Oooh. Cookie?
  • Ask #236
    Silverstream: Wait. Is that a gem cupcake?

    Pinkie Pie: ONLY THE BEST for our favourite Dragon student!

    Smolder: I’m your only Dragon student.

    Pinkie Pie: Myeh. Details!

    Gallus: Didn’t we change the locks?

    Sandbar: I’m pretty sure she can phase through solid matter when she needs to.

    Yona: Like Yaks! Yaks faze through walls all the time!

    Ocellus: No. Yaks smash through walls.

    Yona: That’s what Yona said. So does Pink Pony.

    Pinkie Pie: Nah. I just break physics. It’s fun!
  • Ask #237
    Gallus: What’re you even looking at?

    Silverstream: My reflection.

    Smolder: So.... what’s with the noise?

    Ocellus: I think it sounds cute!

    Yona: Yona agrees.

    Sandbar: I don’t think that was the question.

    Yona: What question?

    Silverstream: NYA!
  • Ask #238
    Sandbar: What ruffled your feathers.

    Gallus: First - you. Second - I was making a point!

    Sandbar: As was I.

    Silverstream: D’aww They’re so adorable when they fight like this.

    Smolder: If you call that fighting, then you’ve lived a -very- sheltered life.

    Yona: Yaks know fighting! Yaks best at hornwrestle! Changeling duel?

    Ocellus: I-I’ll pass thanks. I think you’d win instantly.

    Yona: Yona knows. But still fun to try with friend?
  • Ask #239
    Sandbar: So you could say you’re-

    Smolder: Don’t say it. It’s too cheesy.

    Sandbar: Aww... okay.

    Silverstream: Aww. You’re as snug as a bug in a rug!

    Smolder: Silver!

    Ocellus: Yuh-huh! Yona’s blanket is all warm and soft.

    Gallus: Hey! That’s mine!

    Yona: Yona let friend borrow blanket. Griffon can let her borrow toy.

    Gallus: *grumbles* Not a toy.
  • Ask #240
    Sandbar: Those don’t sound like real classes.

    Smolder: Well duh. But then, “Generosity” “Loyalty” and “Kindness” don’t seem like real classes either.

    Silverstream: I guess you have a point. Although I did take a class called “Kelp and Ladder formation” whilst in Seaquestria so I guess anything can be a class!

    Ocellus: Really? Kelp? How can that be used to make a ladder?

    Silverstream: Turns out It can’t! It was a really short class.

    Yona: Well Yona Smash and Stomp class will be Best!

    Gallus: I’m sure it will be. Let me know when it is - I’ll be sure to put in some earplugs and move to the next town over in preparation.