Ask the Student Six - Asks 411+

I'm not the author of all of those comics. I get no money from the website.
I'm not the author of all of those comics.
I get no money from the site.

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  • Ask #411
    Smolder: And that’s without succumbing to Greed-induced bigness. That’s such a cop-out.

    Silverstream: B-but you’re cute being small! If you get too big, I can’t glomp you effectively!

    Ocellus: Worst case scenario, I can turn into a small Smolder for you, Silver! it won’t be the same though.

    Smolder: Hah. I don’t plan on getting too big. Just a bit taller would be nice.

    Sandbar: You mean you specifically want to be taller than us.

    Gallus: Makes sense. Need a bigger head to house the bigger dragon ego.

    Yona: Griffon shouldn’t be rude about friend Smolder!

    Smolder: Nah, he’s about right. I can so breath larger flames.

    Gallus: Eep...
  • Ask #412
    Silverstream: Wait! Why wasn’t I invited?!

    Yona: Friend Silverstream and Ocellus were swimming for gems in school lake.

    Silverstream: Huh. Oh yeah. Sorry! My memory is a bit wishy-washy today!

    Ocellus: *giggles*

    Gallus: And why weren’t Sandbar and I invited?!

    Smolder: You were both snickering in the corner waiting for me to fall for the collapsible-chair gag.

    Gallus: Oh yeah, that’s right. Shame it didn’t work this time.

    Sandbar: Was it necessary to set fire to the chair and then stomp it to splinters though? It took us ages to make perfectly!

    Yona: Yona apologises. Next time, Yona and friend Smolder will return chair to owner.

    Smolder: ...At speed...
  • Ask #413
    Sandbar: So, just like every other weekend?

    Ocellus: Even more so! I have a least thirty percent more books!

    Gallus: How do you even get this many books? I’m only ever allowed to take out one book at a time from the school library.

    Smolder: That’s because you kept falling asleep on them-

    Yona: That does not sound so bad to Yona-

    Smolder: - And you kept pecking at pages with your beak as you slept.

    Yona: Okay. That sounds bad to Yona.

    Silverstream: D’aww. Gallus is channelling his part-pigeon! Pecking at breadcrumbs.

    Gallus: Excuse me? Eagle, not Pigeon.
  • Ask #414
    Silverstream: *noms happily*

    Smolder: Coward.

    Gallus: YOU try and say no to that look. It’s like kicking kittens into Tartarus.

    Ocellus: You big softy.

    Sandbar: You girls always get away with pulling that same stunt.

    Yona: Sandbar and Gallus always try same trick to get extra desert from canteen!

    Gallus: *pouts* No we don’t!

    Sandbar: Only on Thursday. That’s profiterole day...

    Silverstream: Did someone say profiteroles! Gimmi!
  • Ask #415
    Smolder: “Maths and Stuff”

    Yona: What Dragon mean?

    Smolder: *points* Her book. “Maths and Stuff”. Sounds like a very generalised book to have such an.... advanced topic inside.

    Gallus: Yeah, Kinda like having a book about colouring with a section on light refraction through prisms...

    Ocellus: Light refraction? Since when were you studying physics?

    Gallus: Since I realised that there are an awful lot of objects in Equestria which enjoy landing on me.

    Sandbar: Not to mention, defying the laws of physics

    Silverstream: Discord?

    Sandbar: *nods sagely* Discord
  • Ask #416
    Smolder: All of you should totally try this! it’s so awesome!

    Silverstream: Yeah! You go Smoldy! We’ll just cheer from way over here!

    Sandbar: Smolder seems to forget not all of us are lava-proof

    Smolder: Pfft. Not with that attitude you won’t!

    Gallus: I always wondered. If you shape-shift into a Dragon, ‘Cell, are you lavaproof?

    Ocellus: I-if it’s okay with you, I’d not like to try out...

    Yona: It is okay friend Ocellus! Yona fireproof! Yona protect from heat.

    Gallus: I get the feeling that Yak Smash would win versus lava... somehow...
  • Ask #417
    Ocellus: Cookie! I want too!

    Gallus: YES! Count me in!

    Smolder: You are all addicted to sugar. How do you even function?

    Sandbar: You’re in Equestria, It’s unavoidable.

    Smolder: But they aren’t even from Equestria!

    Silverstream: Don’t be coy Smoldy! You love your sweeties too!

    Smolder: *grumbles* Not since that “Dentist” pony traumatised me on the subject of sugar

    Yona: But Dragon hurt tooth on rock, not sugar. Yet Dragon continues to eat gem rocks.

    Gallus: *chewing on a biscuit* Checkmate