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  • Ask #471
    Ocellus: Yes well, you can keep that lava to yourself..

    Smolder: Spoilsport *sticks tongue out*

    Ocellus: Nyah! *pokes tongue out back*

    Yona: Yona always wonder. What difference between magma and lava?

    Sandbar: magma is underground lava.

    Yona: But then lava is underground too, so lava is magma?

    Silverstream: No-no, Yona sweetie. Magma is molten rock below the surface. Lava is molten rock which has erupted onto the surface.

    Yona: So magma is underground lava... which is magma...

    Gallus: Either way, the names are perfect. They’re specially designed to be easy to scream as you run away

    Smolder: Speaking from experience?

    Gallus: Well they’re not too dissimilar from running away screaming “Yona!”, so... yeah, experience.
  • Ask #472
    Gallus: But are you 100% Yona

    Yona: Yona is Yona, Which makes Yona 100% Yona.

    Sandbar: I thought you’d say 100% Yak.

    Smolder: So is Yona better than Yak?

    Yona: No! Yaks best!

    Silverstream: 100% Yak best?

    Gallus: But Yona is a Yak, but you say you’re a Yona.

    Sandbar: And if you’re both Yak and Yona, then why is Yona the first thing over Yak.

    Yona: *whines* Yona is confused now.

    Ocellus: *hugs Yona and glares* Stop teasing her, you lot!

    Silverstream: Now this, is a 100% Angerling!
  • Ask #473
    Gallus: I mean, Ocellus is way smaller than me.

    Ocellus: I’m not that small!

    Smolder: Yeah you are.

    Ocellus: *punches the Dragon’s arm* Hey!

    Yona: Yona same size as Griffon. Does that mean Yona small?

    Silverstream: Nuh-uh! Yona is perfect! *glomps the Yak*

    Gallus: So long as I’m taller than Sandbar, I’m fine.

    Sandbar: I’m sure given time, I can outgrow you, catbird.

    Gallus: *pokes his tongue out*
  • Ask #474
    Ocellus: Can I get out of the box now? And Sandbar put that camera down!!

    Sandbar: *pokes his tongue out and continues snapping pictures*

    Gallus: No. The dare was to stay in there for three more turns.

    Smolder: Besides, you fits, you sits.

    Ocellus: But I don’t fit. My legs are squished.

    Sandbar: Can’t you just make yourself smaller if it’s too tight?

    Silverstream: Nuh-uh! No magic!

    Yona: Griffon is next! Truth or Dare?

    Gallus: Dare

    Silverstream: *throws another cardboard box at him* You know what to do, kittens.

    Gallus: *deadpans* I hate you...
  • Ask #475
    Sandbar: Yep. You kinda did.

    Yona: *guffaws* Griffon Boxhead!

    Ocellus: I guess he won’t be so cardBORED with the game!

    Smolder: ‘Cell.. please... stop attempting word puns.

    Silverstream: I liked it!. Is this the part where you boys hug it out and realise how strong your bonds of friendship are?

    Gallus: No. This is where I take this box and sh-

    Sandbar: ...I have pictures...

    Gallus: -show Sandbar how grateful I am to be his friend. At least until he’s not looking. Then I’m flicking paint at him.
  • Ask #476
    Sandbar: Y’know... as sneaky and cruel as that was, it actually makes me want a beard when I get older.

    Silverstream: Sandbeard!

    Gallus: Then you can learn to play a lyre like your O and O character.

    Ocellus: -And become Sandbeard the Bard! Yes!

    Yona: What about Beardy Sandbard?

    Smolder: I’ll only take him seriously if he grows a big curly moustache now...
  • Ask #477
    Yona: Silverstream being Sillystream. Must go to bed.

    Silverstream: No! You’re not my mum! You can’t send me to bed!

    Smolder: Stop arguing. *yawns widely.* We know how you get with no sleep, and it’s miserable for the rest of us.

    Ocellus: She’s not bad when she’s tired.

    Gallus: No. She’s not bad. But she’s not exactly helpful either. That and we have to keep carrying her around.

    Sandbar: Ever thought about putting a giant hamster wheel in her room to let her burn off the energy?

    Ocellus: I guess that could help?

    Smolder: In that case you can share a room with her. I am not dealing with the sound of a squeaking wheel until four in the morning.
  • Ask #478
    Gallus: What’s got you all happy and bouncing?

    Ocellus: It’s Wednesday!

    Yona: Yona still confused about why day so exciting.

    Ocellus: Because this afternoon is study club!

    Smolder: Again? Didn’t we have that like.... last week?

    Sandbar: *snickers* I think that’s the jist of a weekly activity.

    Silverstream: Aww... I wanna go too... But I’ve already finished the homework...

    Smolder: Then you can give me yours, I can stay here, then you can go and do it again!

    Silverstream: That’s an idea!

    GallusOcellusYonaSandbar: No!
  • Ask #479
    Smolder: What even is that thing you made?

    Sandbar: I dunno. I just folded paper...

    Silverstream: Hey guys! Guess what’s tomorrow?

    Gallus: ...Saturday?

    Silverstream: Aww... You guessed!

    Gallus: Well you asked us to guess.

    Silverstream: Yeaaah. But I was hoping you’d miss the obvious option and start suggesting things we normally do on the weekend and then I could be all smart and Smolder-like and go “Naw! It’s Saturday you sillies” then you’d all laugh at my amazing pun and lavish me with praise...

    Smolder: Shame how things don’t turn out as planned.

    Ocellus: *tilts her head to the side*

    Yona: Why changeling confused.

    Ocellus: I don’t know how she can speak that much in ONE breath...